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Press Release

2017 IT Skills and Salary Report

  • Dates: 01 February, 2017

Your comprehensive and global guide to what’s happening in the IT field

About the report

The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report continues to provide the most informative and revealing insights of the inner workings of IT departments in the United States and Canada.

This yearexpanded our scope to include data from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region thanks to the global participation of over 14,300 IT professionals.

Key findings of Global Knowledge's IT Skills and Salary Survey include:

  • Skills gaps are a concern
  • Certifications pay
  • Cloud computing and cybersecurity skills are in demand
  • IT decision-makers are challenged to find qualified professionals in those areas
  • Individuals working in cybersecurity report the highest overall salaries

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