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E-Learning: IBM Digital Learning Subscription - IBM Data/AI Individual (SUBR003G)

  • Prix: EUR2 180,00
  • Réf.: SUBR003G
  • Durée d’accès: 365 jour(s)

EUR2 180,00

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This subscription package provides access to a large selection of Digital modules IBM Data/AII oriented, from which the student can choose 6 SPVCs/MLs and 3 WBTs.

The subscription is a fixed-price service, valid for a set period (such as 12 months).

It provides an access code to a container of Data/AI training content hosted on IBM's Digital Learning Platform with 6 SPVC/ML tokens (Access Keys) and 3 WBT tokens (Access Keys).

  • Web-Based Training (WBT) Elearning courses provide lecture material in text or graphic form, sometimes including audio narration, recorded demonstrations, recordings, simulated demonstrations, and skills validation. Skills validations may be a true/false or choosing options from the training in simulations demonstrations.

  • Self-Paced Virtual Classroom (SPVC) courses include material as described in the WBT course above, plus hands-on exercises using IBM software. Students have 168 hours of access to a hosted lab environment over a 31-day period to allow ample time to complete the class. The time period starts when the student launches the lab within the course. When the 168 hour / 31-day period is over, students are unable to access that lab environment.

  • Microlearning (ML) courses are very short, lab-based courses. You use an SPVC token to enroll in these courses. All other rules for SPVCs apply.

  • Free WBT courses are web-based courses that you can attend without using one of the tokens you receive with your subscription. You can take a Free WBT at any time, not just during the subscription time period. Click the course code to enter a course.

Individual student has access to selected digital learning courses material for 12 months for one fixed price. Content is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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  • Individuals interested in multiple IBM Data and AI oriented trainings



Enhance skills at student’s own pace on various subjects


  • Variable – Associated with each Digital Module selected
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