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Diploma Overview

This Diploma is designed to meet the Project Managers’ training needs of the local market, based on the latest international professional standards of Project Management, topics in this Diploma covers from foundation of a successful project manager skills to professional high level project management skills,
Including project stakeholder management, managing risks, project initiation, planning, developing and financing projects, using the best Project management platforms and methodologies like Agile and Prince2.
Diploma students will get a certificate from the (Arab Academy for Science and Technology) by completing the full program attending the six courses within one year.

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At the end of the diploma you will be able to:

• Differentiate between formal and informal project management practices
• Identify sources of project complexity
• Relate project management to the broader field of management
• Divide projects into stages according to the project management life cycle
• Identify key stakeholders and rank stakeholders’ priorities and Assess and mitigate risk         
• Develop a network diagram and estimated time and cost
• Assess and mitigate risk
• Apply principles for the monitoring and controlling of project work
• Execute and Manage a change control system
• Initiate, Plan, Develop, Review and Adapt to change using Agile Life Cycle (IP DRA Model)
• Schedule, Budget and Control Projects
• Understand, and Apply Prince2 and be ready for the Exam
• Asset, Finance and Manage Projects cost, performance and profitability 

Modules Overviews                      Download the PDF                                         Download the PDF in Arabic

1. Foundation of A successful Project Management
And introductory course in which you understand, practice and execute project management principles, identify resources, manage stockholders and projects life cycle, you will also apply the principles of change management and projects closures.

2. High Level Project Management Skills (Prince2)
Understand the PRINCE2® method, learn how to apply PRINCE2® intelligently to any project and be confident enough to take PRINCE2® exams.

3. Scheduling Projects and Effective Cost Management plans
In this course your will learn and apply how to initiate projects, plan project schedule and resources, you will be able to budget Projects by creating Cost management plans, developing project budgets, strategies, processes and change management.

4. Agile Project Management
Learn how to explain the project challenges that Agile methods are designed to address, describe each step of the Agile project life cycle, Initiate, Plan, Develop, Review and Adapt to change using Agile Life Cycle (IP DRA Model).
5. PMP Exam Preparation
Be prepared and ready for PMP certification. Be aware of the process of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and finally closing a project. Gain knowledge and experience in the format and methodology of the exams.

6. Financial Management for Project Management Professionals
You will be able to understand and communicate to all stakeholders how to maintain project profitability and performance. Learn to make decisions in pricing, contracting and project risk management, analyze business proposals for approvals of capital expenditures and for outsourcing, apply the key categories of assets to enhance profitability (NI) and economic value added (EVA). Understand the revenue recognition policy affecting project profitability, manage contract terms and conditions to improve overall project performance and determine the factors that influence project profitability.

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