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Infrastructure Assessment Service

Assessment and Planning are Combining technology know-how with business principles to ensure a solid return on your IT investments. However Over time problems can emerge performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos take form. it has been difficult to keep on top of what is new and what best supports your organization's strategy. Therefore more organizations are realizing that to ensure a solid return on their IT investments, they need to develop an IT strategic plan so that they can effectively allocate resources

The assessment service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your existing environment and the health of your current infrastructure and also provides you with the recommendation to improve the performance of your environment and makes you understand how your environment will meet your business needs.

Key benefits

Know Your Infrastructure

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance, efficiency, and capacity utilization of your entire infrastructure

Optimize Your Infrastructure Performance

Learn how long your existing systems can continue to serve the growing needs of your business

Gain Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions about investments that support corporate goals and metrics

Go Further, Faster

Rely on our experts to optimize your existing infrastructure

Infrastructure Assessment Services include:



Discovering the Hardware and Software assets and define the readiness for Upgrading discovering the Utilization of the existing hardware.

Discover the Underlying infrastructure and configuration implemented to deliver what is available.

Discover any weak links, single points of failure, and the overall stability of the system being assessed.

Performance, Utilization and Efficiency
Evaluate the current Infrastructure Performance, Utilization and Efficiency to define the best fit design with Microsoft Best Practic guide lines.


Recommendation Report based on Microsoft Best Practice standards and the data collected we generate Report with Recommended Configuration Changes, Upgrade Options, and New Implementations to Optimize and enhance your Business & Organization productivity.

Assessment Plan

Based on the recommendation report we define General Plan according to the priorities & business needs.


Final Stage is implementing the recommended plan to move forward with business to next level.

To download sample of assessment report please click here.