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UK organisations join Microsoft’s Get on 2021 campaign

Helping 1.5 million people in the UK build careers in technology by 2025

Want to know how Microsoft certification can you help you and your organisation?

Benefits for Getting Certified

Stand out
Certified employees get greater recognition of skills due to validation 

Earn more
23% of Microsoft certified technologists earn up to 20% more 

49% believe cloud certifications increase employability

Benefits of Certified Teams

Talent identification
Certification simplifies the candidate screening process and helps to distinguish individuals  

Certified teams are 20% more productive than non-certified teams 

Business impact
As the percentage of certified candidates increase, so does the impact of the overall team. 



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The Value of Microsoft Certification

See the latest trends below

Only 16% of organisations have skills and processes required for a cloud environment
By 2021 38% of IT positions will be cloud related, with 13% annual growth rate
85% of enterprises pledge to integrate cloud architecture in their organisation
Cloud is accelerating the skills gap 
70% of CIOs have a “cloud-first IT strategy”

Microsoft Learn and role-based training

The best part of Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft training does more than just build technical skills. It prepares you for roles employers need to fill. Microsoft training and certifications includes problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as technical specialisations, hands-on experience and practice requirements, which help you skill up for in-demand jobs. Content and assessments are kept up-to-date to meet industry demands to help you stay current.

Global Knowledge can help you learn in the style that best fits your needs: 

Instructor-led training taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, delivered in a live virtual classroom or in-person. 

Experience online learning that blends the best of e-learning and instructor-led training. GK Digital Learning provides on-demand access to authorised content, reinforcement exercises and labs, as well as connections with subject matter experts.

Explore the possibilities of unlimited Microsoft skills training with GK Polaris subscription options.

Get Microsoft Certified for just £95!

For a limited time, Global Knowledge are discounting our Microsoft Fundamentals one day courses – for just £95, you will receive an exam voucher for free! Includes Azure, AI, 365, Security, Data and Power Platform.

Microsoft recently announced it will retire its SATV program over a multi-year transition period. After July 1, 2021 no new vouchers can be created or assigned.

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