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Configuration Management with Puppet

  • Course Code DO405
  • Duration 4 days

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Course Overview


Configuration Management with Puppet (DO405) is designed for system administrators and cloud administrators who intend to implement Puppet as integrated with Red Hat® products in an operations environment or a cloud computing environment.

This course is on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 7 and Red Hat Satellite 6.

This course will cover case studies involving Red Hat products that use Puppet: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack® Platform and Red Hat Satellite. Key Puppet concepts will be introduced, including language constructs, modules, classes, and resources. This course will cover the deployment of Puppet server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the deployment of Puppet as a client.

Course Schedule


Target Audience

System administrators and cloud administrators responsible for the management of systems and cloud client systems on either Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform or Red Hat Satellite.

Course Objectives


As a result of attending this course, students should be able to implement Puppet in an operations or cloud computing environment.

Students should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Compose Puppet manifests using a variety of Puppet DSL resources.
  • Author Puppet modules for deployment and configuration of network services.
  • Implement Puppet master and client nodes.
  • Use Red Hat Satellite 6 to manage system configuration using Puppet.

Course Content


Course introduction

Introduction to the course.

Identify system administration functions in Puppet

Identify system administration functions in Puppet code.

Puppet architecture

Describe the Puppet architecture and describe a state model.

Implement a Puppet manifest

Build, validate, and deploy a Puppet manifest.

Troubleshoot Puppet manifests

Find documentation and diagnose errors in Puppet manifests.

Implement Git

Implement Git to manage software.

Find information with Facter

View information about systems using Facter.

Implement Puppet modules

Create Puppet modules and implement classes in a manifest.

Implement relationships in a Puppet module

Implement namespaces, relationships, and dependencies in a Puppet module.

Implement variables and conditionals in a Puppet module

Implement variables and conditionals in a Puppet module.

Identify advanced system administration functions in Puppet

Identify advanced system administration functions in Puppet code.

Implement Puppet

Deploy and configure a Puppet master and a Puppet client.

Implement external Puppet modules

Implement Puppet modules from Puppet Forge.

Implement Puppet in a DevOps environment

Implement Puppet in a DevOps environment.

Implement Puppet in Red Hat Satellite 6

Implement Puppet in a Red Hat Satellite 6 environment.

Course Prerequisites

  • Certified as a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) or have equivalent experience

Test Certification

This course will help you prepare for the Certificate of Expertise in Configuration Management with Puppet (EX405)

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