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Course Schedule Jul-Dec 2020

Download the largest training schedule in the region and explore our extensive, and world-class learning opportunities.

Jul-Dec 2020 Schedule

Our schedule features more 700 courses for more than 30 different vendors. In addition to 7 different locations across the Middle East and Africa.  

Now you can trust our Guaranteed Dates as well. Please follow this link to find out more about our Guaranteed Dates.

New Vendors Added to our portfolio


About our schedules:

GK Course schedule encompasses more than 30 technology providers; Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Amazon Web Services, IBM, VMware, Palto Alto, ITIL, PMI, Lean IT, MoR, Resilia, Arris and more. Our course schedule covers more than 700 courses in different countries across the region, in addition to the virtual learning delivery format we offer.

We have the largest schedule of the training courses in the industry, so you can book training with confidence. You trust Global Knowledge to deliver exceptional training by expert instructors. With our downloadable course schedules per vendor, you can align/plan your training plans with our dates, however, we are flexible to customize the courses' dates for you.