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Elite Total Access Collection for Microsoft

Gain access to a robust collection of Microsoft training to build in-demand cloud skills that you can apply quickly.

Cloud skills at almost every level remain in short supply, with nearly half of IT leaders reporting it’s the second-most challenging discipline to hire for.

As more organizations rely on technology to rapidly transform, it’s revealed an increasing skills gap that has created high demand for cloud architects, administrators and security specialists. This pressure continues to weigh on IT leaders, but gives aspiring cloud professionals a great opportunity to enter a bustling industry.

This year long collection of Microsoft training equips learners to build durable skills in popular enterprise applications, including Azure, O365 and several others.

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Asian woman looking at cameraLearners access thousands of training materials delivered by
Microsoft’s largest global training partner.

This designation guarantees up-to-date, expert-led instruction.

• Unlimited Instructor-led training (vILT) courses available (# of courses subject to change)

• Inludes 17 top Microsoft legacy courses

• Over 2500 OnDemand titles

• Challenge Labs Included

This collection provides learners with 100+ courses that will prepare them for the IT demands of today (and tomorrow). With over 500 challenge labs, learners have access to a multi-modality curriculum that teaches the concepts and principles they must know to succeed, but also how to apply them in real-world scenarios to reinforce their abilities.

What learners say about our Microsoft training: