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Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0: Administration

  • Course Code SC1432
  • Duration 5 days

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Course Overview


The Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.0 Administration course is designed for professionals who are tasked with ensuring the security of their computingenterprise and compliance with both external and internal mandates.

This course focuses on using Control Compliance Suite 11.0 to define risk and compliance objectives; develop policies and controls to govern the enterprise; assess compliance with policies, standards, and other mandates; remediate vulnerabilities and deviations from requirements; and create reports and dashboards to demonstrate compliance to multiple audiences.


Course Schedule


Target Audience


This course is for computer professionals involved with security compliance using CCS 11.0.


Course Objectives


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define business and risk objectives.
  • Create policies to comply with multiple mandates.
  • Map controls to policies and reduce duplication.
  • Identify deviations from technical standards.
  • Discover critical vulnerabilities.
  • Assess technical and procedural compliance.
  • Evaluate procedural controls.
  • Combine data from external data sources.
  • Create reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Correlate risks across business assets.
  • Create high-level dashboards to display security and compliance posture.
  • Prioritize remediation based on risk.
  • Track remediation efforts end to end.
  • Automate remediation ticketing.

Course Content


Introduction to CCS 11.0

  • Overview of compliance
  • Symantec approach to ITGRC
  • Implementing ITGRC with CCS 11.0
  • What’s new in CCS 11.0

Installing the CCS Suite

  • Installing the CCS Suite

Upgrading the CCS Suite

  • Upgrading the CCS Suite
  • Upgrading a stand-alone Directory Server
  • Migrating CCS

Installing and Upgrading CCS Managers and Agents

  • Installing CCS Managers
  • Installing CCS Agents
  • Upgrading CCS Managers and Agents

Initial Configuration

  • Getting started tasks
  • Preparing for data collection

Getting Started with CCS 11.0

  • Importing assets
  • Collecting and evaluating data
  • Managing entitlements

Standards Manager

  • Working with standards
  • Assessing compliance with standards
  • Managing exceptions

Policy Manager

  • Overview of policies
  • Understanding the policy life cycle
  • Managing policy compliance

Controls Studio

  • About Controls Studio
  • Using Controls Studio

Response Assessment Module

  • Introducing RAM
  • Getting started with RAM
  • Evaluating results


  • SCAP capabilities in CCS
  • Working with SCAP benchmarks

Ad Hoc Queries

  • Query building
  • Querying your enterprise

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Reporting overview
  • Working with dynamic dashboards
  • Managing reports

Vulnerability Manager

  • Introducing CCS-VM
  • Importing data into CCS
  • Viewing vulnerability assessment data

Risk Manager

  • Risk management concepts
  • Utilizing the Risk Management module
  • Remediation

External Data Systems

  • Connecting to external data sources
  • Connecting to Symantec products
  • Overview of third-party connectors


Course Prerequisites


You must have working knowledge of advanced computer terminology, including TCP/IP networking terms, security, and Internet terms, and administrator levelknowledge of Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 operating systems.