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Train together

Are you ready to dive into the cloud? Pick a cloud training course here and your colleague can come along for free. Great minds train together at Global Knowledge!

Take a look at the training courses that take you into the cloud

Embrace the cloud

Cloud is a technology we can’t ignore. It’s scalable, the storage is easy to manage and it’s pay per use. Global Knowledge helps you gain the skills to make the most out of cloud.

How do you secure cloud as best you can? How do you run applications in the cloud? How can your organization make the most out of the chosen platform? Global Knowledge offers training courses for these and other challenges. We have more than a hundred different cloud courses - there is something for everyone. You can find out which to which courses this offer applies here.

Are you ready to dive into cloud?

Your co-worker and you can enroll by clicking the button. Think fast – your colleague can only come along for free until July 1st. Remember: great minds train together! 

Dive into the cloud with us! Please read the terms and conditions here.

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