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Discover the ITIL4 Strategic Leader certification

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 26 January, 2021

At Global Knowledge, you can get the ITIL4 Strategic Leader certification starting this year. In this article, instructor Karel Hoster explains what to expect of this certification.

The newest addition to the ITIL4 certifications is the ITIL4 Strategic Leader. Global Knowledge has developed a brand new training course for this certification: the ITIL4 Digital and IT Strategy training course.

To start off, I will tell you something about the background of this new training course.

Service Economy

Our current society is known as a Service Economy. This means no organization can exist without the help of others. Because of the bonds a Service Provider forms, the Service Provider becomes more and more co-dependent on its' environment.

Certain events have effect on the performance of the Service Provider. These events can take place on three levels:

  • Eco System
  • Industry
  • Market

Disruptive new technologies

New technologies make things possible we didn't dare dream of in the past. But with these changes come new disruptions.

Your organization can deal with these disruptions in two ways:

  • You wait and see how a disruption affects your business - you react after this has happened (responsive)
  • You become the disruptor - other organizations will have to adapt to you

All of these dilemma's are discussed in the new ITIL4 Digital and IT Strategy training course.

What can you expect of this three day training course?

In this training course you learn how to make a digital and IT strategy that your organization can use to thrive in the Service Economy.

Part of this training course (and a requirement for this exam) is the implementation of four Practical Assignments. These Assignments teach you how to perform what you've learned in the real world. The Assignments are based on a scenario of your choosing.

Is this training course something for you?

This training course is perfect if you are responsible for the Digital and IT Strategy of your organization.

Ready to expand your certification?

Participants that gain the ITIL4 Direct, Plan and Improve certification in addition to the Digital and IT Strategy certification get the ITIL4 Strategic Leader certification. Participants that are ITIL4 Managing Professional certified already only have to pass the Digital and IT Strategy certification.

Attend a ITIL4 Digital and IT Strategy training course at Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is the first IT training company in Belgium to have the ITIL4 Digital and IT Strategy training course on the public schedule. This course is guaranteed to run - take advantage of that! Learn more via the button below.

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Karel Hoster

Trainer / Coach / Consultant at Global Knowledge Nederland

A lot of experience with IT (ITIL) and Business processes, including coaching process managers. Coaching and advising. Finding always the right way to convince partners using the added value for both parties approach.

  • ITIL® Approved Trainer
  • PRINCE2® Approved Trainer
  • ASL Approved Trainer
  • BISL Approved Trainer (Foundation and Advanced)
  • LITA Lean IT Approved Trainer
  • AQRO Approver Trainer

Specialties: Coaching, training, advising and improving.

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