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New Cisco Certification and Training

As the leading and largest Cisco Platinum Learning Partner, we are able to offer the full range of new Cisco certifications and Cisco Certified training solutions at locations across the UK.

Cisco also offers a Continuous Education Program which is a flexible recertification program specifically designed for current Cisco CCIE or CCDE certified individuals.

Updates include:

  • Consolidated and updated CCNA training and certification 
  • Five core technology tracks and associated training for CCNP and CCIE certifications 
  • A wide array of training options for CCNP concentrations and Specialist certifications 
  • Continuing education extended to the CCNA and CCNP Certification levels as well as the new Specialist level Certifications
  • First-of-its kind DevNet training with associate, specialist, and professional certifications

As part of this update, you will also be able to start where you want – no prerequisites to start earning your associate, specialist, professional or expert level certification. 

What is staying the same?

  • Multiple levels of certification, at associate (CCNA), specialist, professional (CCNP) and expert (CCIE) levels.
  • Learning on your schedule, in your preferred way – online or in-person.
  • Core technology concentrations at professional and expert levels, in Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration, Data Center and more.
  • Recertification exams available at all times.

Anticipated launch dates

The new training and certification portfolio was announced on 10th June 2019. The new and updated training courses will be rolled out over the next 8 months or so,  the new exams however will not be available until the 24th of February 2020.

What certifications will be removed and what certifications will be added?

Certification technology tracks for CCNP and CCIE are being consolidated to Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration and Data Center, which now include relevant topics from retired programmes. You will see the topics from retired certifications reflected in new concentration exams. New DevNet certifications will include Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.

Why were certain certifications removed from the portfolio? Does that mean my certification is no longer valid anymore?

Cisco have consolidated the CCNA programme into one, comprehensive exam that covers entry level networking skills across technologies, such as basic IP fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, and basics of automation and network programmability, and security fundamental skills, because a breadth of skills is needed when first entering networking. They have refocused CCNP and CCIE programme to align with the five principal technologies, including Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration and Data Center. Retired programmes have been consolidated into these technology tracks.

For example, they consolidated Wireless into the Enterprise track, as wireless skills are critical in any enterprise deployment. Where subject matter fit into more than one potential track, as was the case with Automation and Programming, the subject matter became a concentration exam in multiple CCNP technology tracks. Where this is the case, the same content will be leveraged across tracks. Your current certification is still valid and will be active until it’s expiration date.

What will happen to my existing certification when the new programme goes into effect 24th February 2020?

  • For CCNA, Specialist and CCNP: Your current certification is still valid and will be active until its expiration date. When the new programme goes into effect on 24th February 2020, your current certification will be transitioned to an equivalent in the new programme.
  • For CCIE: If you are an active CCIE, your suspended year will be converted to an active year. For example, if your active CCIE would have been suspended beginning 21st April 2020, you will sustain active status until 21st April 2021.

I have already started my certification Journey what should I do next?

The answer is simple keep going and complete your certification before the 23rd of February 2020, as you will automatically be granted the new equivalent certification (where applicable) . 

A high level migration view can be seen below. Contact your global knowledge training executive for more information.

How do I recertify as of 24th February 2020?

From 24th February 2020, certified individuals, including CCNA, Cisco Certified Specialist, CCNP and CCIE, will be able to recertify by either taking exams, earning Continuing Education credits or a mix of both. Continuing education activities include things like attending Cisco Live training sessions, authoring content, completing online training courses, completing instructor-led training courses and more. 

If you would like more information on these updates or should you want to discuss your requirements with our Cisco specialist team, please submit your details below.