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What will you do with your $500 reward? Gift Card
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You now have even more reward options

Whether you prefer playing, dining or driving, GK Plus has you covered. With any qualifying course, you’ll get $500 in e-gift rewards. Choose from multiple options, including, Best Buy, and Starbucks. Put the full amount on one e-card, or mix and match. It’s your reward. Choose how you want to experience it.

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If you’re going to take training, be sure to treat yourself afterward. Choose an iPad from Best Buy. Get new outdoor gear from Bass Pro. Treat a friend to a night out at the movies. Or download new tracks from iTunes and show the world your dance moves (we won’t judge).

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So, you’ve finished your training. This calls for a celebration! Get the whole squad together and make a night of it. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, steak, seafood or pub fare, these restaurant e-cards have you covered. Bon appétit!

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When you choose to keep your skills sharp, you’re showing that you have a drive for success. And Global Knowledge rewards that drive with your fuel of choice. These e-cards keep your motor running with whatever you need — be it caffeine from Starbucks or full tanks from Esso.

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Choose your training. Choose your delivery. Then choose your reward. Think of all the possibilities.

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