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Authorized Microsoft training

Design and implement Azure data services to satisfy business needs.

The Azure Data Engineer collaborates with business stakeholders to identify and meet the data requirements to design and implement data solutions using Azure data services.

They are responsible for data-related design and implementation tasks that include:

  • Provisioning data storage services
  • Ingesting streaming and batch data
  • Transforming data
  • Implementing security requirements
  • Implementing data retention policies
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Accessing external data sources.
  • Designing Azure data storage solutions that use relational and non-relational data stores
  • Batch and real-time data processing solutions
  • Data security and compliance solutions

The Azure Data Engineer must be able to design and implement data solutions using the following Azure services:

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Blob storage

Earning this certification will validate you are able to:

  • Implement data storage solutions
  • Manage and develop data processing
  • Monitor and optimize data solutions
  • Design Azure data storage solutions
  • Design data processing solutions
  • Design for data security and compliance

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Required Exams

DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution
DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution


Recommended Courses


Microsoft provides two re-certification options for those who want to demonstrate continuous competence in these areas. You can demonstrate that you're staying current in the technology by either taking a re-certification exam or stay-current course within two years of earning your certification. As soon as you pass either the course or the exam, the expiration date on your certification will be extended two years from that date. For more information, please check out the FAQ on Microsoft's Certification Exam Policies page.