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Cyber Unmasked

Remove the fear from cybersecurity

Much like these Halloween masks, cybersecurity can be frightening. But when you look closer, they’re not so scary. That’s because there aren’t actual ghouls behind those masks.

As a cybersecurity professional, you’re not up against monsters—you’re up against people. These hackers have real talents, and we’re going to highlight how to unmask key cybersecurity topics and conquer the actual threats.


Below we examine four critical cybersecurity topics and explain why they’re not so scary when you have the right skills.


Computer virus, worm, Trojan horse—malware comes in many forms (and creepy names). Without the right awareness, all it takes is one click to fall victim.

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Password exploitation

Even complex passwords can be hacked, opening you up to identity theft and financial losses. But there is a way to better protect your information: multi-factor authentication.

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Data anomalies

A data irregularity often signifies a problem. Depending how you look it at, this can be something to stress over, or it can be an early warning sign that you can get in front of.

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What’s scarier than having your own data held hostage? Ransomware prevention requires basic cyber knowledge. Recovery necessitates a bit more security expertise.

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Cybersecurity Resources

Our cybersecurity hub consolidates our essential articles, white papers, webinars and videos so you can stay cyber safe not just during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but throughout the year.