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October 2017

Tackling 5 Taboo Topics in Cybersecurity People Management

Webinar | Oct. 24, 2017

When it comes to cybersecurity, people are an organization’s greatest asset—after all cyber-attacks are people attacking people, not machines attacking machines. However, managing your cybersecurity team has its challenges and they are often more acute due to the worldwide skills shortage and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals.

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November 2017

Six Adobe Photoshop Tools to Turn Those Bad Pictures Into Professional Shots

Webinar | Nov. 01, 2017

With the proliferation of digital cameras and ubiquitous phone-cams, we are seeing more images being used today that are not shot by professional photographers with studio lighting and specialized lenses. Some images capture a really important moment with great people, but the image is technically poor – bad lighting, contrast, colour cast, unwanted elements and areas obliterated by bright or dark zones. Now you can learn how to fix those images!

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How to Avoid Cloud Migration Pitfalls: Strategies for Success

Webinar | Nov. 09, 2017

Surprises can be a lot of fun, unless it happens in the middle of your cloud migration project. While moving to the cloud is no trivial matter, it doesn’t have to be stressful or surprising. Many steps and techniques are often overlooked or forgotten.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar with live Q&A delivered by cloud expert, course author and instructor, Brian Eiler. You’ll gain a better understanding of the scope involved for migrating workloads, plus tips and techniques that will enable your organization to get started in cloud computing without all the surprises.

What will you learn?
- Key concepts related to cloud workloads, from planning and human elements to connectivity, security
and data transfer.
- Different design aspects that should be considered when planning a workload migration to the cloud.
- How these factors impact the workload migration process.

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SecTor Toronto 2017 - November 13, 2017

Event | Nov. 13, 2017

This fall, be sure to stop by Canada's Premier IT Security Conference at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto! Don't forget to visit Global Knowledge's booth to learn more about our exciting training solutions.

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