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Case Study

Business Analysis Enables Tech Giant to Stay Competitive


Major PC Company (MPCC)

MPCC is a global Fortune 500 technology company with nearly $40 billion in annual revenue and more than 50,000 employees. As the world's second largest PC maker, MPCC specializes in the development of innovative notebooks, tablets, smartphones and applications.


Changing Market Made Retaining Mindshare a Challenge

MPCC provided training for its business partners for many years; however, the company recognized that customers' needs were shifting for several reasons, including:

  • MPCC was launching more diverse and complex technology products.
  • Competition for channel partner mindshare was continually increasing.
  • Channel structures and dynamics were constantly evolving.
  • Training modalities, formats and delivery tools were changing.
  • The technology industry and MPCC's role was transforming.

In order to improve training and address shifting needs, MPCC wanted to reevaluate the value of its partner training, market competiveness and resource investment needs. The objective was to maintain MPCC's position as an industry leader.

MPCC had successfully worked with Global Knowledge in the past for learning solutions. Global Knowledge had provided training for 350 MPCC outside sales employees in preparation for a new server product launch. Students with varying degrees of experience were given the opportunity to work with qualified instructors, practice sales calls and review case studies.


Business and Competitive Analysis for Optimization

Global Knowledge collaborated with MPCC to evaluate their product training for channel partners, employees and customers. Global Knowledge analyzed data from more than 40 stakeholder interviews, compared training and certification program structures from three primary competitors and compared partner training program details from several popular competitors.

Based on key findings, Global Knowledge recommended that partner training should be built on the principles of simplicity, predictability and consistency. Our analysis showed that as MPCC introduced more diverse and technologically complex products, more advanced and more robust training was expected and required.

Global Knowledge provided specific recommendations to keep pace and lead the industry in program management, content development and maintenance, marketing, deployment preparation and training delivery. In addition, Global Knowledge provided MPCC with an activity and investment recommendations timeline that included priority levels and budget estimates for projects and upgrades.


Company Positioned to Outpace Competition

By working with Global Knowledge, MPCC was able to determine industry best practices for training programs, identify what features partners value and discover how to align partner training programs with the future of MPCC.

The recommendations report empowered MPCC to plan the necessary future investments for maximizing business partner results and keeping pace with industry and technology changes. MPCC is expected to expand its business partner training resources in five areas over several years. Incremental investments in business partner training will enable MPCC to continue to outpace the competition in market share, revenue and profit gains.