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Strategy and design expertise to transform learning in your organization

Our comprehensive services help you pinpoint skill gaps and align them to business strategy, create personalized learning roadmaps mapped to job roles and develop custom programs to meet your unique needs.


Needs Assessment

Discover the knowledge, skills and competencies that will help your team members and your organization be successful. Using our needs assessment methods, we can identify skills gaps and learning opportunities at the individual, group and organization levels by performing:  

  • Business and performance gap analysis.
  • Competency model development. 
  • Task and job analysis.
  • Skills and competency gap analysis.


Learning Strategy

Learning has the greatest impact when connected to organizational goals, vision, strategy and infrastructure. With the help of our learning experts, you can set a direction and establish your plan to close priority skills gaps and enable new business opportunities. We can help with:

  • Organizational learning strategy.
  • Learning process design
  • Learning technology planning.
  • Resource and budget planning. 
  • Measurement and evaluation planning.


Learning Architecture Design

Too many learning programs suffer from being disconnected from larger curriculum paths that lead to defined levels of competency. Work with our learning experts to specify, structure and illustrate a sequence of learning programs, informal learning resources and development actions, along with a supporting infrastructure to meet targeted learning goals. We’ll help you develop:

  • Curriculum architecture.
  • Learning road maps.
  • 70/20/10 learning design.
  • Role-based learning paths.
  • Visual learning road maps. 
  • High-level program design blueprints.


Learning Development Services

Custom Design and Development

There are many situations in which off-the-shelf training simply won’t meet your needs. In these cases, only a well-designed custom program will work. Custom programs are ideal for:

  • Employee onboarding.
  • Procedural and operational training.
  • Product knowledge training
  • Compliance and regulatory training.
  • End-user application training.
  • Unique behavioural skills.


Leverage our instructional design expertise to develop fast and effective learning programs in these areas across a wide range of industries and using a variety of delivery formats:

  • Custom digital learning.
  • Virtual learning.
  • Instructor-facilitated.
  • Performance support and information design.
  • Blended learning.


Tailoring Services

Global Knowledge programs may not always meet your specific needs right out of the box. We can adapt and modify our programs to meet your content and culture requirements—from branding to mixing and matching content into blended learning programs.


Program Deployment

Deploying a learning program isn’t the last step in a comprehensive learning initiative by any means. Once your program launches, we’re here to provide program management, infrastructure and technology services to support your deployment. Our services can include:

  • Program and project management.
  • Learning portal development.
  • Registration and enrollment.
  • Instructor sourcing and scheduling.
  • Ordering and shipping classroom materials.
  • Delivery scheduling.
  • Customized student communications.
  • Virtual classroom setup and coordination.
  • Evaluation services.
  • Coaching services.