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IT Pro Challenges All Access Pass

Validate your existing skills, master a new topic, or gain additional hands-on experience as you prepare for your next certification

The All Access Pass is a 365 day subscription that includes access to hundreds of IT Pro challenges related to multiple platforms and technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Linux, Security with AWS and Google coming soon. New challenges are continually being released, and you will gain automatic access to them for the duration of your subscription.

IT Pro Challenges are designed to extend and expand your learning experience with hands-on, scenario-based exercises. IT Pro Challenges are different from traditional labs, they provide you with high level guidance and requirements as opposed to detailed step-by-step instructions and designed specifically to provoke thought. IT Pro Challenges are divided into three different levels: Guided, Advanced, and Expert, with each level including a form of assessment so you may gauge your success.

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Who Should Attend?

  • IT Professionals who are looking to keep up to date on ever changing features and functionality in cloud platforms
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for supporting multiple technologies
  • IT Professional/Developers who needs to assess web services provided by multiple cloud vendors for integration

What You'll Learn

The All Access Pass in comprised of multiple challenges covering various technologies such as Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Linux, Security and AWS. Each challenge contains a method of assessment providing you with a validation of current skills and awareness for those that need additional focus. Here’s just a sample of some of the challenges you will have access and skills you will be asked to validate:

  • Can you Add Server Access For Another Department? 
  • Can you Automate and Monitor VMs Using Extensions and Azure Monitor?
  • Can you Deploy Hybrid-Cloud Azure Solutions using ARM templates?
  • Can You Configure Advanced Permissions in Linux? 
  • Can you Configure Linux Time Sources? 
  • Can you Configure Drive Encryption by using LUKS and EFS? 
  • Can you Use Wireshark to Intercept Network Traffic?
  • Can you Secure DNS Resource Records and Windows NTFS Volume File Objects?
  • Can you Implement API Management to Publish APIs Securely?
  • Can you Establish Permissions for Administrative Users in AWS?
  • Can you Create a Load Balancer for Using Auto-Scaling in AWS?
  • Can you Implement a PowerShell Workflow?
  • Can you Install Roles and Features Using PowerShell DSC?