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Machine Learning with MATLAB

New – Learn practical examples of regression, clustering and neural networks using MATLAB in this self-paced course.

GK# 7734

Course Overview


MATLAB offers sophisticated tools and techniques for researchers and mathematicians for building machine learning models. This course will build a foundation for machine learning using MATLAB for beginners. It will also help you learn regression, clustering, classification, predictive analytics, artificial neural networks, and more with MATLAB. You’ll understand the basic concepts of machine learning and perform data fitting, pattern recognition, and clustering analysis, among other tasks. Finally, you’ll explore feature selection and extraction techniques for dimensionality reduction for improving the performance of your models.


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What You'll Learn

  • Learn the introductory concepts of machine learning*] Learn the introductory concepts of machine learning
  • Explore the different types of regression technique such as simple and multiple linear regression, ordinary least squares estimation, correlations, and how to apply them to your data
  • Discover the basics of classification methods and how to implement the Naive Bayes algorithm and Decision Trees in the MATLAB environment
  • Perform data fitting, pattern recognition, and clustering analysis with the help of the MATLAB neural network toolbox


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

Importing and organizing data in MATLAB

Analyzing data to extract useful information

Identifying relationships between variables

Pattern Recognition and Classification

Identifying groups of data using clustering

Artificial Neural Nets

Improving performance of neural nets

Who Should Attend


This course is for data analysts, data scientists, students, or anyone who is looking to get started with machine learning and want to build efficient data processing and predicting applications. A mathematical and statistical background will really help in following this course well.

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