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Front End Web Development with Angular

New – Learn to combine the power of Bootstrap 4 and Angular 2 to build cutting-edge web apps that truly stand out in this self-paced course.

GK# 7630

Course Overview


This course demonstrates how to write dynamic, feature-rich Angular 2 applications with Bootstrap's responsive layouts and end-to-end testing techniques. We will set up our development environment with Angular 2 and ES6 with TypeScript. It takes a component-centric approach, using them as the main point of discussion to help you learn the core concepts in Angular 2. You'll also get to grips with Bootstrap to create and design web applications that are elegantly styled with a responsive user interface. If you have been building applications with 1.x versions of Angular, this course will also lay down the migration steps required to port your application to the newer version without disrupting the functionalities.


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What You'll Learn


Develop Angular 2 single page applications using an ecosystem of helper tools

Get familiar with Bootstrap's new grid and helper classes

Embrace TypeScript and ECMAScript 2015 to write more maintainable code

Use custom directives for Bootstrap 4 with the ng2-bootstrap library

Understand the component-oriented structure of Angular 2 and its router

Combine Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4 along with Firebase in the development of a solid example


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

Working with Bootstrap Components

Advanced Bootstrap Components and Customization


Working with Forms

Advanced Angular Components


Create complex forms, taking full advantage of 2-way data binding

Test your Angular applications using the Jasmine and Protractor frameworks for better efficiency

Who Should Attend


Whether you know a little about Bootstrap or Angular or you're a complete beginner, this course will enhance your capabilities in both frameworks and you'll build a fully functional web app. A working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required to fully get to grips with Bootstrap and Angular.

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