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Introduction to Programming

New – Develop a foundation for understanding programming concepts.

GK# 7112

Course Overview


Introduction to Programming is geared towards those with little to no programming knowledge or experience.  In this course, you will learn the rudimentary concepts of programming. While this course does not cover any specific computer language, you will see examples from JavaScript, C#, Python, and several other languages. This course will prepare you to take Global Knowledge’s language-specific follow-on courses by giving you a foundational knowledge of programming. You will not only learn basic concepts, but you will observe the application of those concepts through instructor demos. Then you will practice using them and applying them through a series of practice exercises and hands-on labs. Finally, you will verify that you applied them correctly by watching instructor solution videos.


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What You'll Learn

  • Run, debug, and correct provided source code.
  • Identify the functions, keywords, operators, literals, and variables in source code.
  • Categorize values into an appropriate data type.
  • Combine values into composite data types.
  • Use collections.
  • Follow the execution path of provided code, which includes conditions and loops.


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

  • Running, debugging, and correcting code
  • Identifying functions, keywords, operators, literals, and variables
  • Categorizing values into data types
  • Combining values into composite data types
  • Using collections
  • Following execution paths


Viewing labs for:

On-Demand Labs

  • Run, debug, and correct code
  • Identify functions, keywords, operators, literals, and variables
  • Categorize values into data types
  • Combine values into composite data types
  • Use collections
  • Follow execution paths

Who Should Attend


This course is appropriate for all audiences, especially those who are looking to shift to a career in programming.

Follow-On Courses


After completing this course, consider purchasing the Developer Collection, which includes unlimited access to all GK Digital Developer courses for 12 months.

Course Delivery

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