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IBM Datacap 9.0.1: FastDoc Local Mode

New – Learn about the Datacap FastDoc user interface.

GK# 6325 Vendor# F252G

Course Overview


This course introduces you to the Datacap FastDoc user interface. Additionally, you will learn about batch configuration and upload processing in local mode.


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What You'll Learn

  • FastDoc capabilities and modes of operation
  • FastDoc User Interface
  • Local mode and Datacap Server mode
  • FastDoc as a development tool
  • FastDoc as client
  • Configure and run tasks in the local mode
  • Configure a local batch
  • Process documents in local mode
  • Configure a Scan and Upload Task


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

1. FastDoc capabilities overview

  • What is FastDoc?
  • FastDoc versatility, interface, interface icons
  • FastDoc local mode
  • FastDoc advantages
  • FastDoc terms

2. FastDoc local mode

  • FastDoc local batch profile configuration
  • Configure local batch profiles and parameters
  • Configure local tasks
  • Create and run a local batch

3. Create a local capture batch

  • What is a local batch profile?
  • What is a local task?
  • When is a local batch profile required?
  • Where is data located?
  • Configure local batches
  • FastDoc (Admin) local configuration interface
  • Batch task pane
  • Scan interface and panels

4. Process local batches

  • Scan batch preparation
  • Scan, process, and verify a batch
  • Correct error
  • Export the batch

5. Configure Scan and upload

  • Add an upload batch
  • Batch profile task configuration options

6. Configure the upload task



Familiarity with capture concepts

Who Should Attend

  • Application builders responsible for building Datacap applications
  • Individuals needing to know the capabilities of FastDoc in local mode

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