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ASP.NET Developer Bundle

Your 12-month subscription to all GK Digital ASP and .NET developer courses.

GK# 6050


Course Overview


The ASP.NET Developer Bundle is a 12-month subscription to all GK Digital ASP and .NET developer courses. As new and updated courses become available, you'll automatically gain access to them for the duration of your subscription. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These courses designed to help you learn specific .NET development skills.  All the courses are hands-on and supported by our .NET instructors. 


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What You'll Learn


5742- Building HTTP Services in ASP.NET Web API 2
The explosion of smart devices means that developers must create richer experiences and anywhere/anytime data access. Web APIs allow integration of HTTP-based service functionality with a broad variety of devices, clients, and businesses. ASP.NET Web API is a framework that allows creation of HTTP services using the .NET Framework, providing a rich programming model that includes powerful features such as model binding, routing, and an easily configurable pipeline. In this course, you will be introduced to building HTTP services with ASP.NET Web API. You will also learn about API design, documentation generation, versioning, as well as how to leverage of HTTP constructs.

5255-Getting Started with Git
Git is a distributed source control system with growing popularity among software developers. Part of that popularity can be attributed to its powerful support for branching and merging.
One drawback to adopting Git is the relatively steep learning curve. The reason for that steep learning curve is that Git works differently than most other source control systems. Without understanding how Git works, the commands and behaviors can seem enigmatic. That's why this course focuses on not only how to perform common tasks, but also how to understand what Git is doing.
The work of this course is performed on the command line interface. While there are a number of graphical tools available, none of them supports all the features of the command line. And all of the UI clients hide some of the details that, when you are first getting started, help you understand how Git works.

5260- Source Control with TFS
The version control (VC) component of team foundation server (TFS) provides a powerful source control system but does have some unique aspects that can be unfamiliar if you're new to source control coming or from another source control system. This course will get you started from the ground level, introducing basic concepts in TFS with step by step examples and working up to using advanced tools that can take advantage of the full power and flexibility of TFS VC.

5743- Maintainable ASP.NET Web API 2 Services
In a world where being connected to the Internet is essential, developers can use Web APIs to provide HTTP-based services that integrate with a broad variety of devices and platforms. Leveraging Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API framework and building on fundamental ASP.NET development skills, this course shows you how to improve the performance and reliability of your Web APIs. We look at how issue tracking and performance testing will help you to build better products. We will also demonstrate how to use constructs such as HTTP verbs, headers, and status codes to improve the design, documentation, and testing of your Web APIs.

5980- ASP.NET Core Fundamentals
5972- Data Access with Entity Framework Core
5971- Introduction to .Net Core

5981- ASP.NET Core Razor Deep Dive


  • Unlimited access to all GK Digital ASP.NET Developer courses for 12 months
  • Access to all course updates and additions during your subscription period 
  • 24/7 access to the following tools:
    • HD-quality streaming videos that adapt to your connection speed and device
    • Hands-on labs downloaded for local development
    • Instructor support via lab submission and Q&A in platform

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Course Delivery

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Train at your own pace with 24/7 access to courses that help you acquire must-have technology skills.

Duration: 40 hours

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