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C and C++ Developer Bundle

Exclusive – Get unlimited access to all C and C++ developer on-demand courses.

GK# 5320


Course Overview


The C++ Developer Bundle is a 12-month subscription to all GK Digital C++ and C developer courses. As new and updated courses become available, you'll automatically gain access to them for the duration of your subscription. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These courses designed to help you learn specific C++ development skills. All the courses are hands-on and supported by our C++ instructors.


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What You'll Learn

  • 5242 - Develop C++ Applications
    • C++ is a large and complex language. It is performance sensitive, but also provides you with high-level abstractions that can help make your code more concise and easier to maintain. This class will cover the basics of C++ from variable and function declarations to classes and templates.
  • 5243 - Patterns and Idioms in C++
    • Developing good software in any language requires more than just knowledge of base language constructs. C++ is no exception and developing good software in C++ requires knowledge of idioms specific to C++ as well as understanding how to use software design patterns with C++. This course examines several patterns and idioms in C++.
  • 5238 - C++ 11 Core Language Enhancements
    • The C++11 standard added many new features to the language and the standard library. Some features help the compiler find bugs in your code, others alleviate traditional performance bottlenecks, and a few are simply there for added programmer convenience. In this course, you will learn about the core language enhancements and some of the most popular library additions.
  • 5213 - Pointers to Data and Functions in C
    • Pointers are probably one of the most difficult concepts in C to master. To the beginner, their syntax seems strange and their usage is sometimes hard to grasp. However it is very important for every C developer to understand how pointers work. Pointers to data and pointers to functions can be used to dynamically change program behavior at runtime.
  • 5220 - Embedded C Memory Management
    • C is a powerful low-level language that allows you to directly manipulate memory with pointers and get a lot of performance from it. However, C also allows for the programming of higher-level constructs that can make programs more maintainable and concise. In this course, you will investigate the low-level detail of pointers to data and functions. You will use this knowledge to implement higher-level constructs like abstract types, inheritance, and dynamic binding. You will also consider CPU caches when creating structures to make your programs efficient.
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