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IBM Power Cloud Training Essentials

Learn how virtualization resources support cloud services and how the different components work in virtualization and cloud.

GK# 720800 Vendor# QZ000WG

Course Overview


IBM PowerKVM provides you with a complete infrastructure and hardware-software virtualization environment. In this course, you will learn how resources are used in the cloud. You will learn how virtualization resources support cloud services and how the different components work in virtualization and cloud. Keywords are covered to help enhance and extend your knowledge on virtualization and cloud. At the completion of this class, you will be ready to take on the next cloud class in the series. You will also have the cloud computing background to join discussions or start working on a cloud project.


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What You'll Learn

  • Cloud requirements on various computing resources
  • Organization of computing components in a cloud environment
  • Organization of storage components in a cloud environment
  • Organization of network components in a cloud environment
  • Interaction of resource components in the cloud infrastructure
  • Tasks in managing PowerKVM on Power Systems
  • Major cloud activities and what happen behind the scene
  • Execute basic cloud components to different environments
  • Various cloud keywords


Viewing outline for:

Self-Paced Outline

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Cloud Resource Requirements
  2. Cloud Computing Components
  3. Overview of Storage Components
  4. Networking in a Virtualization Environment
  5. Cloud Infrastructure and Resource Service Models
  6. Common Cloud Tasks
  7. Cloud Deployment Activities
  8. Multiple Services of a Cloud
  9. Cloud User Interfaces


Viewing labs for:

Self-Paced Labs


Lab 1: Validating Cloud Resources Requirements
Lab 2: Exploring IBM Power Hosts
Lab 3: Configuring Internal Storage on Power Hosts
Lab 4: Exploring Networks in a Virtualization Environment
Lab 5: Apply the Infrastructure as a Service Concepts in the Lab Environment
Lab 6: Managing Resources through the Hypervisor
Lab 7: Creating a Cloud Environment
Lab 8: Managing Simple Cloud Environment
Lab 10: Using Cloud User Interfaces with OpenStack


  • Background in computing, storage, or networking are optional
  • Efficient in using graphical user interfaces or running commands on command line
  • Have taken Introduction to Cloud Computing Fundamentals for Power Systems (QZCIWG) is recommended but not required

Who Should Attend


Individuals responsible for the planning, installation, configuration, and management of the IBM Power Cloud

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