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InfoSphere MDM Physical Module Algorithms V11

New – Learn to work with and customize the algorithm configurations deployed to the InfoSphere MDM PME for a Physical MDM implementation.

GK# 3341 Vendor# ZZ981G

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn about algorithm configurations deployed to the InfoSphere MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine (PME) for a Physical MDM implementation.


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What You'll Learn

  • How Duplicate Suspect Processing and Search (using PME) work for Physical Implementations of InfoSphere MDM
  • MDM configuration project and database tables used by the PME
  • PME Algorithms (Standardization, Bucketing and Comparison steps) and how to create and customize the algorithms using the workbench
  • Analyze the Bucketing steps in an algorithm
  • Generate weights for a given algorithm and how those weights are generated based on a sample database set.
  • Analyze the weights that are generated using the workbench
  • Deploy the PME configuration for a Physical implementation of InfoSphere MDM.
  • Integration between the Physical module and the PME


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

1. PME and Physical Overview

  • Physical MDM Overview
  • Terminology (Entity, Critical Data, Business Object)
  • PME and Physical MDM ( Algorithms, Weights, Comparison Scores, Thresholds)
  • Physical MDM Suspect Duplicate Processing
  • Physical MDM Probabilistic Search
  • Exercise: Testing the Default Physical PME Algorithm

2. Physical PME Data Model and Mapping

  • Default Physical BObjs and Mapping to PME
  • Virtual Party Template
  • Default Party Configuration Project
  • Exercise: Loading Default Physical PME Configuration Project

3. Physical MDM Algorithms

  • Standardization
  • Bucketing
  • Comparison Functions
  • Exercise: Explore and Customize the Default Physical Algorithm

4. Bucket Analysis

  • Analysis Overview
  • Attribute Completeness
  • Bucket Analysis
  • Exercise: Analyzing Our Buckets

5. Weights

  • Weights Overview (Frequency-Based Weights, Edit Distance Weights and Parameterize Weights)
  • The Weight Formula
  • Running Weight Generation
  • Analyzing Weights
  • Bulk Cross Match Process
  • Pair Manager
  • Threshold Calculations
  • Exercise: Generate Weights
  • Exercise: Pair Manager and Threshold Calculations
  • Exercise: Deploying the Physical MDM PME Configuration

6. Physical MDM PME Adapters and Converters

  • MDM PME Adapter Overview
  • MDM Outbound and Inbound Converters
  • Exercise: Creating a Custom Converter



Who Should Attend


Business and technical specialists working with Suspect Duplicate Processing and Search services of InfoSphere MDM

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