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Aligning IT and Business Strategy (Foundation)

Business IT Alignment: IT Leader Program

GK# 4590

Course Overview


IT has become the driving force behind every business as organizations look for way to use technology to improve business results in a competitive and complex environment. The challenge is that in order to meet business expectations and deliver the expected value, IT professionals need new skills and knowledge. Trends like outsourcing, cloud, and the consumerization of IT are:

  1. Impacting the way that IT is structured
  2. Influencing the types of services provided
  3. Changing the stakeholder groups with whom technical professionals must interact and collaborate

This program has been developed to equip IT leaders who are responsible for setting IT strategy with the new competencies and skills required to succeed both today and in the future.

The Aligning IT and Business Strategy (Foundation) course will focus on closing any gaps that exist between IT and their Business stakeholders. You will learn the key concepts to align IT strategy to business strategy and think about your role in delivering business value. You will learn how to identify business stakeholders, understand them and their needs and apply proper governance to maximize results.


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What You'll Learn

  • Understand business strategy and stakeholder needs
  • Improve communication with business stakeholders
  • Assess current IT-business alignment
  • Apply a process to align IT strategy to business strategy
  • Maximize the return of IT investments through proper Governance



Prework for this course is required three weeks in advance and brought to class. 

Who Should Attend

  • Information technology leaders
  • Business unit leaders
  • IT managers
  • Business analysts
  • Systems analysts

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