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IBM Datacap 9.0: System Configuration

IBM Course Code: F224G

Vendor# F224G

GK# 3001

Course Overview

This course shows you how to configure two image Datacap system. All of the server components are configured to run on a Server image. All workstation components are the all-in-one configuration. This is with all Datacap software installed on one configured to run on a Windows 7 workstation. You work initially with an IBM Datacap system on Windows 7 configured in system. You then reconfigure to a two machine installation by including a Server 2008 DNS server with Active Directory and some of the Datacap server components.

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What You'll Learn

Configure Datacap Web Access

  • Configure the Datacap Web Server and Web Client

Configure Datacap Authentication modes

  • Create a Datacap user and group for TMA authentication
  • Configure domain users for LLLDAP authentication
  • Generate and import domain user encryption key
  • Configure Datacap Taskmaster Server Service to use a domain user for authentication
  • Configure Datacap Server Manager to use LLLDAP

Configure the Datacap Server

  • Migrate the Datacap Taskmaster Server Service from the workstation to the server
  • Configure sharing and permissions for domain user access
  • Migrate applications to the server and configure folder permissions
  • Verify the TMA ÿand LLLDAP authentication for each domain account

Configure the Datacap Web Server

  • Import the encryption keys
  • Set the Datacap Web Application Pool Identity
  • Configure Internet Explorer for each remote user

Configure and Start Rulerunner

  • Verify RRS Folder Permission
  • Configure Datacap Rulerunner service
  • Configure Rulerunner to run your applications
  • Process a batch using Datacap desktop for manual tasks and Rulerunner for background tasks.

Configure the Web Client Upload Service

  • Install the Web Client Upload Service
  • Upload a Batch with Datacap Web ÿServices

Configure and Start Datacap Report Viewer

  • Set the Enable LDAP option
  • Set Up Report ÿViewer Website (IIS)
  • Verify Report Viewer Login

Configure and Start Datacap Maintenance Manager

  • Configure Datacap Maintenance Manager Application
  • Configure the Datacap Maintenance Manager Ruleset
  • Run The Datacap Maintenance Manager Ruleset with Datacap Maintenance Manager

Configure Datacap Navigator

  • Install Datacap Navigator as a plug-in
  • Configure ÿDatacap repositories in IBM Navigator
  • Customize Datacap Navigator desktops
  • Add Datacap repositories ÿ
  • Add Browse and Search features
  • Change the name and theme for Datacap Navigator
  • Configure Datacap Navigator for scanning
  • Configure External Data Service (EDS) to customize the data field behaviors
  • Configure access to IBM Datacap from mobile devices

Change Datacap Navigator User Settings

  • Set options for ÿeach task
  • Change the layout for a task
  • Configure the Job Monitor view and Task List view

Do Administration tasks

  • Create security users and groups
  • Edit the Jobs and Tasks
  • Create custom panels for tasks

Start and Stop System and Components
System check procedures

Who Needs To Attend

This intermediate course is for:

  • Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap 9.0 system.
  • Anyone who needs to know the Datacap 9.0 system administration.

Course Outline

Download Course Outline