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Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2) 1.3

Gain configuration and troubleshooting skills with standard protocols for today's industrial networks

GK# 2848

Course Overview


In this lab-intensive course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to successfully implement and troubleshoot the most common industry-standard protocols, along with wireless and security technologies, in today's converged IT and industrial networks.

What You'll Learn

  • Functions of the OSI layers and TCP/IP model
  • Difference between enterprise and industrial networks
  • Troubleshoot common issues found in layers 1, 2, 3 of the OSI model
  • Functions and components of EtherNet/IP protocols
  • Configure and troubleshoot Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) on Cisco and Rockwell Automation (Stratix) switches
  • Functions and components of the PROFINET protocol
  • Configure PROFINET Protocols on Cisco Industrial Ethernet devices
  • Troubleshoot common PROFINET issues
  • Common network threats and how to configure basic security components (access lists and AAA features)
  • Configure a wireless network within an industrial environment


Viewing outline for:

Virtual Classroom Live Outline

1. Industrial Networking Concepts and Components

  • Contrasting Enterprise and Industrial Environments
  • Configuration Tools for Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Exploring Layer 2 Considerations
  • Layer 2 Resiliency Using Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Layer 2 Resiliency Considerations
  • Layer 2 Multicast Control and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Exploring Layer 3 Considerations

2. General Troubleshooting Issues

  • Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Troubleshooting Layer 1
  • Troubleshooting Layer 2 Issues
  • Troubleshooting Layer 3 Issues

3. Ethernet/IP

  • Exploring Ethernet/IP Communications
  • Exploring Hardware Capabilities
  • Exploring CIP Sync, CIP Motion, and CIP Safety
  • Exploring Embedded Switch Technology
  • Configuring Stratix Switches

4. Troubleshooting Ethernet/IP

  • Identifying Common EtherNet/IP Issues
  • EtherNet/IP Troubleshooting Methods and Tools


  • Describe PROFINET Functionality and Connection Method
  • Describing Basic PROFINET Devices
  • Understanding Ring Network Requirements

6. Configuring PROFINET

  • Enabling and Prioritizing PROFINET at L2
  • Integrating Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Configuring PROFINET Alarms

7. Troubleshooting PROFINET

  • Identifying PROFINET Troubleshooting Methods
  • Exploring PROFINET Troubleshooting Tools

8. Exploring Security Concerns

  • Overview Of Defense-in-Depth Strategy
  • Controlling Access and Network Traffic

9. 802.11 Industrial Ethernet Wireless Networking

  • Understanding 802.11 Networks
  • Industrial WLAN Design Considerations


Viewing labs for:

Virtual Classroom Live Labs

This course is conducted using Cisco's virtual lab environment and includes two types of labs: discovery labs and hardware labs. Discovery labs are instructor-guided labs through which you explore new topics in an interactive way. In the hardware labs, you will configure devices to meet the requirements of a given scenario.

The following discovery labs are included in this course:

  • Discovery 1: Plan and Configure VLANs
  • Discovery 2: Verify and Configure STP Settings
  • Discovery 3: Configuring the STP priority
  • Discovery 4: STP Path Manipulation
  • Discovery 5: Switch Alarm Configuration
  • Discovery 6: Configure Power Supply Alarm to Monitor Dual Power Supplies
  • Discovery 7: Configure and Apply Alarm Profile to Port
  • Discovery 8: Configure and Verify Static Route
  • Discovery 9: Configure Static IP route
  • Discovery 10: Configure Static default IP route
  • Discovery 11: Configure and Verify Layer 2 NAT
  • Discovery 12: Configure and Verify Precision Time Protocol on the Cisco IE 2000 Series Switch
  • Discovery 13: Configure and Verify Precision Time Protocol on the Cisco IE 3000 Series Switch
  • Discovery 14: Add a Stratix 5700 Switch Add-On Profile (AOP) to a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Application
  • Discovery 15: Configure a Stratix 5700 Switch Using an Add-On Profile (AOP) in a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Application
  • Discovery 16: Disable and Enable PROFINET
  • Discovery 17: Configure L2 Quality of Service
  • Discovery 18: Configure an Alarm
  • Discovery 19: Verify an Alarm
  • Discovery 20: Adjust the Update Time for a Switch
  • Discovery 21: CLI/Prompt Commands
  • Discovery 22: Analyze ProfiNET Traffic using Wireshark
  • Discovery 23: Examine Basic traffic Control using ACL
  • Discovery 24: Explore Wireless LAN Controller
  • Discovery 25: Configure Wireless Workgroup Bridge on Stratix 5100

The following hardware labs are included in this course:

  • Hardware Lab 1: Connecting to the remote LAB environment
  • Hardware Lab 2: Configuring 802.1q Trunks
  • Hardware Lab 3: Configuring and Applying Smartports Macros
  • Hardware Lab 4: Configuring and Applying Custom Smartports Macros
  • Hardware Lab 5: Configuring and Applying EtherChannel
  • Hardware Lab 6: Configuring Resilient Ethernet Protocol
  • Hardware Lab 7: Configuring Resilient Ethernet Protocol Features
  • Hardware Lab 8: Configuring and Verifying Storm Control
  • Hardware Lab 9: Verify IP IGMP Snooping
  • Hardware Lab 10: Configure QoS settings
  • Hardware Lab 11: Using IOS Troubleshooting Tools
  • Hardware Lab 12: Troubleshooting Layer 2 Endpoint Device Connectivity
  • Hardware Lab 13: Troubleshooting Layer 2 Inter-Switch Connectivity
  • Hardware Lab 14: Troubleshooting Broken REP Segment
  • Hardware Lab 15: Troubleshooting Layer 3
  • Hardware Lab 16: Perform a Packet Capture
  • Hardware Lab 17: Troubleshoot Network Issues
  • Hardware Lab 18: Configure CIP on Industrial Switches
  • Hardware Lab 19: Troubleshooting EtherNet/IP Communication Issues
  • Hardware Lab 20: Configuring PROFINET Support
  • Hardware Lab 21: Troubleshoot PROFINET Communication Issues
  • Hardware Lab 22: Configure Port Security Mechanisms
  • Hardware Lab 23: Configure AAA Authentication using Cisco ISE and 802.1x



The prerequisite knowledge and skills for this course are:

  • Understanding network fundamentals, including how to build simple LANs, and establish Internet and WAN connectivity
  • Managing network device security
  • Understanding basic IPv6
  • Understanding Cisco industrial networking solutions, including Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches, Rockwell Automation Stratix switches, and Cisco Connected Grid switches and routers
  • Interpreting network design and drawings, and recognizing zone and cell topologies
  • Installing industrial network components
  • Performing troubleshooting and basic maintenance tasks for networks

Who Should Attend

  • Information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) professionals
  • Plant administrators
  • Control systems engineers who will be involved with the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of networked industrial products and solutions, including those in the following industries:
    • Manufacturing
    • Process control
    • Oil and gas
Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 5 day

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