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InfoSphere MDM Virtual Foundation V11.4

This course is designed as the starting point for any technical specialist working with the InfoSphere MDM Virtual module.

GK# 2164 Vendor# ZZ720G

$1080 - $2595 CAD

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Course Overview


This course is designed as the starting point for any technical specialist working with the InfoSphere MDM Virtual module. This course walks you through the major components of the InfoSphere MDM Virtual module, the data model, the matching engine and how customization can be implemented. You will learn how to invoke the InfoSphere MDM interactions and the various configuration and extension points of a service. The course is also used as an intro to various components that make up the MDM Architecture and prepares you to identify how the MDM will fit into their organization and what pieces may be customize to fit their business requirements.

This course has a heavy emphasis on the exercises, where you will deploy a new MDM configuration, invoke interactions, walk through the default matching algorithm, and create a custom handler and composite view.

At the end of this course, it is expected that you will feel comfortable implementations a new Virtual configuration data model, invoking interactions and creating customization to the Virtual MDM.



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What You'll Learn

  • InfoSphere Virtual MDM Architecture and how an interaction on the Virtual MDM are handled
  • Configuration Points of the InfoSphere MDM
  • Tables of the Virtual MDM
  • Configuration Points of the InfoSphere MDM Virtual Hub
  • Common components Virtual MDM


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

1.     MDM and the Enterprise

  • MDM Overview and Scenarios
  • MDM implementation styles
  • Virtual and Physical Modules

2.     Architecture

  • InfoSphere MDM Architecture and Components
  • Core Processes

3.     MDM Virtual Data Model

  • Metadata
  • Member Tables
  • Entity Tables
  • Relationships
  • Audit Tables
  • Tasks

4.     How InfoSphere MDM services are Invoked

  • Java API and Web Services
  • Brokers
  • eSOA Toolkit
  • REST Interface
  • Master Data Extract

5.     Linking and Duplicates

  • Probabilistic Matching Engine
  • Algorithms
  • Weights
  • Virtual Module Linking

6.     How Services are Configured (Virtual)

  • Event Notifications
  • Callout Handlers
  • Composite Views

7.     Other Components

  • Login and Serviceability
  • Quality Stage Standardization
  • Security
  • Hybrid
  • Application Toolkit

Who Should Attend

  • Technical specialist who will be developing a solution using the InfoSphere MDM Virtual Module


Training Exclusives

This course comes with the following benefits: 

  • Digital Courseware
  • 90 Days Bonus Access to IBM Hands-on Labs
  • 12 Months of Indexed Virtual Class Recordings
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Course Delivery

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Classroom Live

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Duration: 3 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 3 day


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