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SoftLayer Solutions Design

Explore e-commerce, social collaboration, and big data workloads when designing architecture on Softlayer's IaaS.

GK# 0748

Course Overview

This course is a three-day, instructor-led technical training class. Proof points from actual implementations are used to help you make architecture choices to design an effective solution on SoftLayer’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

For each workload, a structured design process will be followed, including:

  • Analyzing business drivers and workload requirements
  • Making architecture decisions and justifying the choices
  • Designing the infrastructure
  • Creating the detailed design

The workloads—application hosting with e-commerce and social collaboration—have been selected because of common business application elements and workload characteristics that are pertinent across industries.  Each workload infrastructure is designed to give you an extensive overview of SoftLayer’s capabilities, which you can use when designing your own IaaS solution.

The infrastructure designs are presented to the class to encourage facilitated discussion, which will help reinforce understanding, approach, and application of architecture principles. You will be guided through an initial workload on e-commerce, given assistance with a second on social collaboration, and apply what you have learned to a third workload on big data and cost optimization.

Delivery Format Options

  • Classroom Live

    Classroom Live

    Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.


    $2095 CAD

    3 day

  • Private Group Training

    Private Group Training

    Train your entire team in a private, coordinated professional development session at the location of your choice.

    Receive private training for teams online and in-person.

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What You'll Learn

  • Apply the SoftLayer capabilities in a structured process to meet workload characteristics
  • Weigh architecture design alternatives in order to meet business goals, including scalability, availability, and cost effectiveness
  • Justify the choices made and the benefits to be gained
  • Architect a design to meet your workload needs, based on the presented scenarios
  • Use learning tools to apply the process to another scenario


  • Have attended SoftLayer Fundamentals instructor-led training, or have equivalent working knowledge of the capabilities of SoftLayer IaaS
  • Working knowledge and familiarity with:
    • Cloud computing concepts
    • Distributed systems
    • Multi-tier architectures

Who Needs To Attend

  • Architect:  Cloud, enterprise, IT, solution and technical architects
  • Engineer:  Software, solution, systems, network and storage engineers
  • Support:  Client service and technical support
  • CTO and Strategy:  IT, integration, and business transformation
  • Individuals who need to understand how to design for the three workloads covered in class: e-commerce, social collaboration, and big data cost optimization
  • Individuals who are designing solutions which need to address workload characteristics including, but not limited to:
    • Support highly variable and unpredictable compute and storage requirements
    • Provide "anywhere, anytime, any device" access, as well as integrate to existing back-end systems
    • Deliver critical web response times with limited network latency on a global basis
    • Be fully secure and support unique access from multiple endpoints for both management and client access
    • Be fault tolerant and able to survive a myriad of failure scenarios and include reliability on a global scale strategy

Course Outline

Download Course Outline