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IBM Emptoris Contract Management Contract Lifecycle

IBM Course Code: 6D70G

GK# 720475 Vendor# 6D70G

Course Overview


This course describes the various stages, processes and methods in the Emptoris contract lifecycle.

This course explains the contract creation and collaboration processes in detail. This course also teaches how to modify, present, execute, manage and maintain contracts using the IBM Emptoris Contract Management system.

Unit checkpoints at the end of each Unit help to check your knowledge and reinforce the concepts you learned. Demo videos have been provided to support your learning. The course can be used as both start-to-finish training and as a Performance Support tool on the job.

What You'll Learn

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Contract Management Contract Lifecycle
  • Create a contract based on a Contract Template
  • Use Each Tab on the Contract Editor to update the Contract Language and associated meta-data
  • Describe the role and utility of Terms
  • Use the Word Editor to edit the language of your contract
  • Describe the Contract Review process
  • Invoke the Contract Review process
  • Review a contract
  • Use the Word Editor to compare various revisions of your contract
  • Describe Contract Security, especially as concerns regarding Contract Visibility to Users
  • Describe the Contract Approval Process
  • Invoke the Contract Approval Process
  • Approve a contract
  • Use the Management Tab in the Contract Editor to monitor the audit trail of Contract Activity displayed there
  • Check Out a Contract so you can exchange it with your External Party and negotiate its terms.
  • Check In a contract so the system can update the evolving Contract
  • Execute a contract
  • Search the Contract Repository
  • Create Folders
  • Manage the contract both before and after Contract Execution
  • Amend an Active Contract


Viewing outline for:

Self-Paced Outline

1. Contract Lifecycle

  • Contract Lifecycle

2. Create a Contract

  • Create a Contract
  • Define Meta-data Used in the Contract
  • Assign the Parties
  • Enter Data to the Line Definitions in the Contract

3. Modify the Contract Language

  • Terms
  • Enter Values on the Terms Tab
  • The Word Editor
  • Editing Via the Language Tab

4. Training Platform Security Model

  • User Groups and Permission Groups
  • Pillar One: Job Roles, User Groups and Permissions Groups
  • Pillar Two: Organization as a Security Vehicle

5. Collaboration: Review and Approval

  • The Review Process
  • Review a Contract
  • Compare Contract Revisions via the Word Editor
  • The Approval Process
  • Triggering the Approval Process
  • Approval Rule Sets
  • Approve a Contract

6. Present and Execute the Contract

  • Present the Contract
  • Execute the Contract

7. Manage the Contract

  • Manage the Contract
  • Searching the Contract Repository
  • Other Repository Functions
  • Amend a Contract Post-Execution
  • Maintaining an Active Contract

Who Should Attend


This basic course is designed for users who create contracts and manage them through the Contract Lifecycle. It is ideal for anyone new to the product who will be an active user of it.

Course Delivery

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