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Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (M80542)

Learn to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for your business needs.

GK# 6529

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn about the techniques required to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to meet the specialized needs of businesses.


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What You'll Learn

  • Strategies for the creation of business units and security roles
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and teams
  • Principles of customizing the system
  • Fields for both custom and system entities
  • Custom entities, including standard and activity entities
  • Relationships between entities
  • Views, charts and forms for both system and custom entities
  • Field security and access team templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Business rules and business process flows to guide users through their work


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

1. Introduction to Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

  • Customization or Development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions
  • Introduction to Entity Customization

2. Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

  • Introduction to Business Units
  • Overview of Security Roles
  • User Management Overview
  • Team Management Overview
  • Teams and Sharing
  • Manage Security Roles for Users and Teams

3. Customizing Entities

  • Entity Customization Concepts
  • Create a Custom Entity
  • Additional Entity Properties
  • Modifying the Configuration of an Entity

4. Customizing Fields

  • Field Data Types
  • Field Display Formats
  • Field Properties
  • Customize Existing Fields
  • Configure Option Sets
  • Status and Status Reason Fields
  • Delete Fields

5. Managing Relationships

  • Types of Entity Relationships
  • Create Entity Relationships1:N
  • Relationship Behavior
  • Field Mappings in 1:N Relationships
  • Connections and Connection Roles

6. Customizing Forms

  • Form Customization Overview
  • Create and Modify Forms
  • Quick Create and Quick View Forms
  • Manage Multiple Forms
  • Mobile Clients

7. Configuring Business Rules

8. Customizing Views

  • View Customization Concepts
  • System Views
  • Create Custom Views
  • Remove Unwanted Views

9. Customizing Charts and Dashboards

  • Create and Modify Charts
  • Export and Import Charts
  • Create and Modify Dashboards

10. Additional Security Options

  • Field Security
  • Access Team Templates
  • Auditing Overview

11. Business Process Flows

  • Business Process Flows


Viewing labs for:

Classroom Live Labs

Lab 1: Create a Solution and Publisher

Lab 2: Configure Security Roles

Lab 3: Configure User Access

Lab 4: Create Custom Entities

Lab 5: Create a Custom Activity Entity

Lab 6: Create and Modify a Global Option Set

Lab 7: Create New Relationships

Lab 8: Customize Relationship Mappings

Lab 9: Modify Form Layout and Add Fields

Lab 10: Create a Role-Based Form for the Competitor entity

Lab 11: Create a Business Rule

Lab 12: Modify a Quick Find View

Lab 13: Create Custom Views

Lab 14: Create a Custom Chart

Lab 15: Create a Dashboard

Lab 16: Configure Field Security

Lab 17: Create and Configure an Access Team Template

Lab 18: Create a Multi-Entity Business Process Flow

Who Should Attend


Customizers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM who are familiar with the end-user principles of the software

Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Classroom Live

Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.

Duration: 3 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 3 day

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