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IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management External Party (WBT)

IBM Course Code: 6D57G

GK# 720250 Vendor# 6D57G

Course Overview


This course introduces the learner to IBM ® Emptoris ® Virtual Supply Master.

This course provides information about how IBM ® Emptoris ® Virtual Supply Master works, how supplier data is fed into the system from various applications like IBM® Emptoris® Contract Management, IBM® Emptoris® Sourcing, IBM® Emptoris® Supplier Lifecycle Management. The various types of data sources are also described in this course. Finally this course provides an insight into how data is mastered within the IBM® Emptoris® Virtual Supply Master.

The mapping of suppliers from IBM® Emptoris® Spend Analysis to the IBM® Emptoris® Virtual Supply Master is covered in IBM® Emptoris® Spend Analysis Supplier and Category Mapping (6D61).

The contents of this course are presented in an interactive format which many learners will find engaging and fruitful.

This course provides recorded demonstrations along with the informational content. The lesson checkpoints at the end of each lesson help to check your knowledge and reinforce the concepts you learned.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe the Emptoris Virtual Supply Master component of Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Platform
  • Define and demonstrate Data Mastering
  • Define the various data sources in the Virtual Supply Master
  • Describe and demonstrate the various methods by which supplier records can be added in the Virtual Supply Master
  • Describe how to configure and map Suppliers from Spend Analysis to the Virtual Supplier Master
  • Access the documentation through the IBM Publication Center


Viewing outline for:

Self-Paced Outline

1. Introduction to Emptoris Virtual Supply Master

  • Overview of the Emptoris Virtual Supply Master
  • Data Management in Emptoris Virtual Supply Master

2. Supplier Records in Virtual Supply Master

  • Supplier Record Management
  • Manual Creation of Suppliers in VSM
  • Bulk Load in VSM
  • Registration process in Emptoris Supplier Lifecycle Management
  • Demonstration: Mastering with single record
  • Demonstration: Mastering with multiple records
  • Synchronization from another system
  • Data Mastering in Virtual Supply Master
  • Demonstration: Register an external supplier using SLM



You should take the following course prior to attending this course:

  • Introduction to IBM© Emptoris© Strategic Supply Management (V10.0) (WBT) (6D438)

Who Should Attend


This basic course is designed for a Data Steward who is responsible for the maintenance and management of all records within a management system or systems and maintains consistency of the information that is utilized by multiple persons and/or systems.

Course Delivery

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