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Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications (M10958)

Develop web applications using Microsoft WebMatrix 2.

Vendor# M10958

GK# 6456

Course Overview

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to develop web applications using WebMatrix 2 and how to transition from Web Matrix 2 to Visual Studio. This course introduces you to the Microsoft web stack and shows you how to use WebMatrix 2 to develop web applications. You will gain a better understanding of basic web development concepts and how to use existing applications from the Application Gallery. You will learn CSS, plug-ins, scripting, basic data access, and application hosting. You will also learn how to use Windows Azure for application hosting and how to move beyond WebMatrix 2 into Visual Studio.

This course incorporates materials from Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications (MS-10958).

Delivery Format Options

  • Private Group Training

    Private Group Training

    Train your entire team in a private, coordinated professional development session at the location of your choice.

    Receive private training for teams online and in-person.

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What You'll Learn

  • Components of Microsoft web technologies that developers can use to host websites, host data, run code, and develop code
  • Web site development, including the planning, development, testing, iteration, and release phases and how to use WebMatrix 2 in each phase
  • Create a web site by using WebMatrix 2 and add dynamic web pages to enable user interaction
  • Store data in a database and display it on a WebMatrix 2 site to create a dynamic web application
  • Integrate images, audio files, video files, and other media into a web application for different browsers
  • Apply a consistent visual style and user-friendly navigation hierarchy to a website
  • Locations for hosting a production web site and deploy a completed web site to a chosen hosting provider
  • Common sources of web site errors and use WebMatrix 2 tools and coding techniques to diagnose problems and correct code
  • Integrate information supplied from web services, data feeds, RESTful services, and other sources into a web application
  • Browse the packages available in the NuGet tool, select a package, add it to a web application, and write code that uses the features of the package
  • Ensure web site is secure and identify users before granting them access to sensitive content
  • Use client-side coding techniques to accelerate responses to users and reduce network traffic for a web site
  • Analyze user traffic on a public web site and optimize the site to appear close to the top of search engine results
  • Create a fully functional website by beginning an application from the WebMatrix 2 application gallery and adding features to meet unusual or unique customer requirements
  • Features of Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web Forms that enable developers to create more powerful web applications

Follow-On Courses

Who Needs To Attend

Web developers with some knowledge of HTML, who work primarily with static web pages and in-line formatting.

Course Outline

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Training Exclusives

This course comes with 12 months access to the following benefits:

  • Practice Labs
  • 24x7 Mentoring
  • Indexed Class Recordings
  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Digital Courseware
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