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Supporting Windows 8.1(M20688)

Gain the skills you need to manage and maintain Windows 8.1.

GK# 6411 Vendor# M20688

Course Overview


In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to support a Windows 8.1 deployment in a medium and large enterprise environment. You will learn to resolve technical issues by developing a troubleshooting methodology for Windows 8.1.

This course incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 20688 Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 and it can assist you in your preparation for Exam 70-688: Supporting Windows 8.1.


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What You'll Learn

  • Troubleshoot startup issues and operating system services on a Windows 8.1 system
  • Resolve issues related to hardware devices and device drivers
  • Troubleshoot computers remotely
  • Troubleshoot issues related to network connectivity
  • Troubleshoot client configuration failures and GPO application issues
  • Troubleshoot issues related to user settings
  • Troubleshoot remote connectivity issues
  • Resolve issues related to accessing resources from computers that are domain-joined
  • Resolve issues related to accessing resources from computers that are not domain-joined
  • Troubleshoot issues related to application installation and operation
  • Maintain Windows 8.1 following deployment
  • Design and implement extranet connectivity for Windows 8
  • Recover a computer running Windows 8.1


Viewing outline for:

Virtual Classroom Live Outline

1: Introduction to Troubleshooting Windows 8.1

  • Common Windows 8.1 Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • Overview of Windows 8.1 Architecture
  • Overview of Troubleshooting Steps

2: Troubleshooting Computer Startup

  • Overview of the Windows 8.1 Startup Recovery Environment
  • Optimizing and Troubleshooting Startup Settings
  • Troubleshooting Operating System Services Issues
  • Recovering BitLocker-Protected Drives

3: Troubleshooting Hardware and Device Drivers

  • Overview of Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Physical Failures
  • Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures
  • Monitoring Reliability
  • Configuring the Registry

4: Remote Troubleshooting

  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Using Remote Assistance
  • Remoting with Windows PowerShell

5: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues

  • Determining Network Settings
  • Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues

6: Troubleshooting Group Policy

  • Overview of Group Policy Application
  • Resolving Client Configuration Failures and GPO Application Issues

7: Troubleshooting User Settings

  • Troubleshooting Sign In Issues
  • Troubleshooting User Profiles
  • Troubleshooting Folder Redirection
  • Troubleshooting USMT

8: Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity

  • Troubleshooting VPN Connectivity Issues
  • Troubleshooting NAP Issues
  • Troubleshooting DirectAccess Issues

9: Troubleshooting Resource Access within a Domain

  • Troubleshooting File Access Issues
  • Troubleshooting File Permissions Issues
  • Troubleshooting Printer Access Issues

10: Configuring and Troubleshooting Resource Access for Non-Domain Joined Clients

  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Workplace Join
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Work Folders
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting SkyDrive Access

11: Troubleshooting Applications

  • Troubleshooting Application Installation Issues
  • Troubleshooting Desktop Apps
  • Troubleshooting Windows Store Apps
  • Troubleshooting Internet Explorer
  • Troubleshooting Client Hyper-V

12: Maintaining Windows 8.1

  • Troubleshoot Windows Activation Issues
  • Monitoring and Configuring Performance Options in Windows 8.1
  • Protecting Windows 8.1 from Malware and Viruses
  • Applying Application and Windows Updates

13: Recovering Windows 8.1

  • Restoring Files in Windows 8.1
  • Recovery Options in Windows 8.1


Viewing labs for:

Virtual Classroom Live Labs

Lab 1: Troubleshooting Windows 8.1

  • Developing a Plan of Action

Lab 2a: Troubleshoot a Startup Failure

  • Resolving a startup problem (1)
  • Resolving a Startup Problem (2)

Lab 2b: Troubleshoot a Startup Failure

  • Recovering a BitLocker Encrypted Drive
  • Creating New BitLocker Keys
  • Recover BitLocker-protected drives

Lab 3: Resolving Hardware Device and Device Driver Issues

  • Resolving Hardware Issues
  • Configuring Group Policy to Control Device Installation

Lab 4: Troubleshooting a Remote Computer

  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Using Remote Assistance
  • Using Windows PowerShell Remoting

Lab 5: Troubleshooting Network Connections

  • Troubleshooting a Network Problem (1)
  • Troubleshooting a Network Problem (2)
  • Troubleshooting a Wireless Network

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Determine the network configuration of client computers.
  • Troubleshoot network connections.

Lab 6: Troubleshooting the Application of GPOs

  • Resolving Group Policy Application (1)
  • Resolving Group Policy Object Application (2)

Lab 7a: Resolving Sign In Problems

  • Resolving Sign In Problem (1)
  • Resolving Sign In Problem (2)

Lab 7b : Resolving Folder Redirection Problems

  • Resolving Folder Redirection Problem (1)

Lab 8a: Troubleshooting DHCP NAP Enforcement

  • Troubleshooting NAP

Lab 8b: Troubleshooting DirectAccess

  • Configuring DirectAccess
  • Troubleshooting DirectAccess Client-Side Settings

Lab 9: Troubleshooting Resource Access

  • Resolving a File Permissions Issue

Lab 10a: Configuring and Troubleshooting Workplace Join

  • Configuring Workplace Join

Lab 10b: Configuring Work Folders

  • Configuring Work Folders

Lab 11a: Troubleshooting Desktop Apps

  • Troubleshooting AppLocker Policy Application
  • Troubleshooting Application Startup

Lab 11b: Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Issues

  • Resolving an Internet Explorer Issue

Lab 12: Identifying Performance Problems

  • Troubleshooting a Performance Problem

Lab 13a: Recovering Files

  • Recovering Files on Windows 8.1

Lab 13b: Recovering a Windows 8.1 Computer (2)

  • Recovering a Windows 8.1 Computer


  • Two years of experience in the IT field managing and maintaining Windows client operating systems
  • Two years of experience performing:
    • Windows application installation and support
    • Network configuration in Windows
    • Windows operating system installation and updates
  • Understanding of how Windows client computers integrate with server computers

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced information technology (IT) professionals that remotely manage and maintain Windows desktops and devices
  • Desktop support technicians and IT consultants who support medium- to large-sized organizations
Training Exclusives

This course comes with 12 months access to the following benefits:

  • Practice Labs
  • 24x7 Mentoring
  • Indexed Class Recordings
  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Digital Courseware
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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 5 day

Virtual Classroom Fit

Attend live, online training sessions for a total of 24 hours spread over four weeks.

Duration: 5 day

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