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CUICEU - Cisco Unified Intelligence Center for End Users v1.1

GK# 5824

Course Overview


This is a two-day instructor-led training (ILT) course. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 8.0.4 is a comprehensive, end-to-end reporting solution, designed to make the task of creating and modifying reports easier on the customer and, at the same time, to present a consistent user interface and a common tool to access varied data across multiple Cisco product families.

To participate in the hands-on labs in this class, you need to bring a laptop computer with the following:

  • At least a Pentium 4 or better and 1 GB of RAM or more
  • Windows XP Professional SP3 or greater (Vista and Windows 7/8)
    (Mac and Linux machines are also supported)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
    Note: When testing connectivity, Mozilla and Chrome may not be able to fully complete the tests as intended.
  • All students should have administrator rights to their PCs. If you do not have administrator rights to your PC, you at least need permissions to download, install, and run Active-X controls in Internet Explorer or Cisco Any Connect Client.
  • If you are participating in a WebEx event, you should have internet access served by at least a 512K link, a full T1 Connection is recommended
  • All PCs require the latest Java Runtime Environment, which can be downloaded from


  • The courseware and lab guide for this course will be provided in a digital format. You can choose to install it onto a Windows PC, Mac, Apple iPad, or Android tablet
  • If you are intending to take CUICAU, you do not need to take CUICEU, as CUICAU includes the content from CUICEU


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What You'll Learn

  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Reporting concepts and capabilities and features of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center reports
  • How to modify reports from normal data sources (Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified CVP) by customizing reports using various methods. (i.e., creating thresholds, show/hide columns, charts, and more)


Viewing outline for:

Virtual Classroom Live Outline

1. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Overview

  • Introducing Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
    • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Primary Goal
    • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployment Models
    • High-Level Architecture
    • Personalizing Reports
    • Operation, Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning
    • Using Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
    • Working with Stock Reports
    • Dashboards

2. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Security

  • Managing Users and Security in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Security Model: Authentication
  • User Security
  • Predefined Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Objects
  • Permissions for Objects
  • Adding a User
  • Adding a User Group
  • Log In the New Users
  • Security Use Cases
  • Best Practices for User Security

3. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports

  • Running Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports
    • Real-Time vs. Historical Reports
    • Stock Reporting Templates: Unified CCE
    • Review: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Unified CCE
    • Set Up Unified CCE as a Data Source
    • Run a Unified CCE Stock Report
    • Available Stock Reports: Unified CVP
    • Review: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Cisco Unified CVP
    • Unified CVP Stock Report output
  • Using Permalinks
    • What Is a Permalink?
    • Report Permalinks
    • Dashboard Permalinks
  • Modifying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Stock Reports
    • How Reports Can Be Modified
    • Creating a Copy of a Stock Report
    • Modifying the New Report

4. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting

  • Creating a New Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report
    • Knowing Your Data Source
    • Reporting in a Multichannel Environment
    • Creating a New Report
    • Creating a Dashboard


Viewing labs for:

Virtual Classroom Live Labs

Lab 1: Managing Users and Security in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Lab 2: Running a Stock Report

Lab 3: Creating Permalinks

Lab 4: Modifying a Stock Report

Lab 5: Creating a New Report

Who Should Attend

  • Cisco technical customers (IT, telephony members, etc.)
  • Cisco technology partners
  • Cisco employees

Vendor Credits


This course can be purchased using Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs).

Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 2 day

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