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Oracle 11g: Administration II

GK# 400135

Course Overview

Oracle Database 11g delivers economies of scale on easily managed low-cost grids, making it easier to reduce cost of downtime with maximum availability architecture, change IT systems faster using Real Application Testing, partition and compress data to run queries faster using less disks, securely protect and audit data, and enable total recall of data, and make productive use of standby resources with Active Data Guard.

This course addresses administration for Oracle Database 11g, focusing on:

  • Database Architecture and ASM
  • Configuring for Recovery
  • Configuring for Backup
  • Using RMAN for Recovery
  • Supporting RMAN and Using Flashback Technology
  • Diagnosing the Database and Managing Memory
  • Database Performance and Space Management
  • Managing Resources and Task Automation
  • Globalization


For self-paced learning, you will have access to this course for 12 months from the purchase date.

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What You'll Learn

  • Structural elements in Oracle Database 11g's architecture, including and Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and the steps for managing storage using disk groups
  • Steps for configuring all aspects of backup and recovery functionality in Oracle Database 11g using ARCHIVELOG mode, retention policies, a Flash Recovery Area, and an RMAN recovery catalog
  • Steps for preparing a database for backup and for performing various types of RMAN backups and monitoring them using reports and dynamic performance views
  • Steps for performing user-managed backups and recoveries
  • Ways to use RMAN to ensure that data is not lost in Oracle Database 11g by performing complete and incomplete recoveries as well as disaster recoveries, by cloning databases, and by restoring a tablespace to a particular point in time
  • Steps for making sure that you can recover data quickly by tuning RMAN to avoid bottlenecks and for making sure that any changes to a database can be easily reversed, if necessary, using Oracle Database 11g's flashback features
  • Steps for diagnosing and repairing database problems with the help of Oracle Support using Automatic Diagnostic Repository, Support Workbench, and health checks, and for enabling and configuring automatic memory management and automatic shared memory management
  • Steps for making sure your Oracle Database 11g database is performing well and has adequate space, by monitoring statistics, tuning SQL, testing workloads, managing space, and transporting tablespaces
  • Ways to ensure that resources are being put to best use and database jobs are performed when they should be using the Database Resource Manager and the Scheduler
  • Steps for utilizing Oracle Database 11g's globalization support features to ensure that information and data is displayed in a user's native language and that territory and language-dependent conventions are adhered to


  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Oracle 11g: Programming with SQL Intro

Who Needs To Attend

Database administrators, database designers, developer support engineers, and technical administrators

Course Outline

Download Course Outline