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Foundations Program - Leading with Impact

GK# 8617

Course Overview


Leadership has changed over the last twenty years. With increased complexity, changing technologies, diverse workforces, and escalating pressures for bottom-line performance, leading others requires new perspectives and approaches. It also requires leveraging time-honoured fundamentals of effective management. By blending these elements, leaders can more effectively guide their teams with greater impact for their organizations, their teams, and themselves.

The Leading with Impact Foundations Program provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to leadership based on insights from quantitative research, best practices, client requests, and over twenty years of leadership training experience. In this new, highly participative two-day program, you will learn and practice the core elements leaders need to embrace managing others with positivity, authenticity, accountability, curiosity, and trust -- from understanding how you demonstrate leadership and the resulting impacts, to motivating others for full engagement, communicating successfully, delegating deliberately, and providing effective feedback.

This course includes a combination of the following half-day courses:

  • Motivate for Full Engagement
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
  • Delegate Deliberately
  • Provide Feedback to Gain Momentum

Benefits for the Individual

  • Expanded awareness of your leadership strengths and areas of improvement
  • Improved capability to motivate yourself and tap into the motivation of others
  • Optimized skill in communicating clearly and effectively, the first time
  • Increased capacity to delegate tasks and implement work successfully with full employee engagement
  • Improved ability to receive and provide positive and constructive feedback while building trust and respect
  • Enhanced capability to lead others effectively, with greater clarity, improved execution, and less stress

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increased likelihood of achieving organization's strategic goals
  • Enhanced leadership capability
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Expanded culture of accountability
  • Reduced employee turnover

What You'll Learn

  • Learn and practice the minimum core competencies leaders need to embrace
    • Motivates self and others to fully engage in their work
    • Communicates effectively
    • Manages work: tasks and people
    • Provides feedback that builds commitment
  • Manage others with positivity, authenticity, accountability, trust, and curiosity


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

1. Motivate for Full Engagement

  • Why Motivation Matters
  • What Creates Motivation?
  • Motivation Drivers
  • Optimizing Motivation Worksheet
  • What Motivation Looks Like
  • How You Can Optimize Motivation in Others
  • When Things Get in the Way
  • More or Less Exercise

2. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

  • Who Said That?
  • Step 1: Getting Clear
    • KUBA
    • It's Not Always What You Say
    • Asking Good Questions
  • Step 2: Understanding Others
    • Personal Needs
    • More or Less Exercise
    • Facts, Episodes, and Feelings
    • Listening
  • Step 3: Checking In
    • Communication Blunders

3. Delegate Deliberately

  • More or Less Exercise
  • The Delegation Model
  • Case Scenarios
  • Over to You!
  • Teaching New Skills
  • Using Influence to Engage Others

4. Provide Feedback to Gain Momentum

  • Positive and Constructive Feedback
  • Challenge of Giving Feedback
  • Guidelines to Giving Feedback
  • Challenge of Receiving Feedback
  • Guidelines to Receiving Feedback
  • Creating the Conditions
  • Four Step Feedback Loop
  • Guided Self Discovery
  • Obstacles to Feedback
  • More or Less Exercise
  • Case Scenario
  • Over to You!
  • Feedback Fire Drill



Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Who Should Attend


Leaders at all levels: vice presidents, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and project managers

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Classroom Live

Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.

Duration: 2 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 2 day

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