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Active Leadership Blended

GK# 8939

Course Overview


Intense competition coupled with flattened hierarchies, multi-dimensional teams, and a diverse working environment characterize today's business climate. This reality requires a repertoire of leadership practices and skills for anyone responsible for getting results with and through others. Recent studies confirm the leader is the prime factor for creating a productive work environment and contributing to higher employee retention.

The Active Leadership program provides the concepts and the practices of leadership in a high-impact learning environment to help leaders effectively coach, empower, and lead individuals and teams to higher levels of performance.

The Active Leadership course focuses on the following seven competencies:

  • Communicates Effectively
  • Demonstrates Self-Awareness
  • Establishes Clear and Aligned Goals
  • Manages Performance
  • Coaches for Development
  • Motivates Others
  • Recognizes and Rewards Performance

The blended learning format includes the equivalent of one day's content (pre-session self-study, assignments, and online exercises) combined with two days of classroom instruction. We also offer this program in a three-day classroom version.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Improved knowledge and skills for effectively coaching, empowering, and leading others and getting results
  • Greater adaptability for leading a diverse workforce
  • Increased confidence and capability for handling difficult and challenging situations
  • Stronger leadership communication capabilities for assigning, reviewing, and recognizing employee performance
  • Greater confidence in providing meaningful feedback in both formal and informal settings
  • Comprehensive inventory provides you with personal feedback on your specific leadership behaviours


Benefits for the organization

  • A practical, pragmatic approach to leadership that improves implementation of key strategies to achieve results
  • Improved leadership capabilities that are key for sustaining an effective and efficient working climate
  • More effective planning and utilization of resources
  • Integration of the leadership skills and practices needed to lead a diverse workforce
  • A greater focus on developing the Human Capital of the organization
  • Increased capability in providing fact-based feedback to enable greater organizational achievements


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What You'll Learn

  • Assess personal leadership behaviours and attitudes that impact the performance of others
  • Plan and deliver clear, concise communication to direct, guide, and engage employees
  • Understand what people need in order to change a behaviour or practice
  • Determine how ability and motivation impact performance and outcomes, regardless of the task
  • Explore three different leadership styles and when they should be used to maximize the performance of others
  • Match the appropriate leadership style to individuals and specific tasks
  • Explore how the foundational principles of coaching impact coaching results
  • Differentiate between "coaching for job" vs. "coaching for career"
  • Provide behavioural feedback that recognizes and rewards employee performance
  • Use a consistent approach to providing feedback that reinforces desired behaviours and helps achieve performance improvements
  • Assess performance gaps and improve task performance
  • Coach, reinforce, and create a motivational climate for employee growth and retention
  • Create a personal development plan based on assessed leadership strengths and development needs



Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Who Should Attend


Anyone with direct reports or anyone charged with coordinating resources for projects or assignments

Course Delivery
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