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Advanced IPv6 Migration

Gain advanced IPv6 migration and deployment strategies.

GK# 9110

Course Overview

This advanced, hands-on course covers all you need to know about IPv6 migration and deployment strategies. You will gain a complete understanding of how to implement IPv6 using both interior and exterior routing protocols. You will configure MPLS, BGP, multicasting, and advanced OSPFv3, and you will gain an understanding of different IPv6 security vulnerabilities and learn how to protect your company's network from current IPv6 attacks.

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What You'll Learn

  • Configure different IPv6 transition methods for tunneling IPv6 traffic over current IPv4 networks
  • Configure assigned router for multicasting IPv6 traffic through the network
  • Review different advanced deployment methods using DS-LITE, NAT64, DNS64 and 6rd (Rapid Deployment)
  • Implement IPv6 over EIGRPv6, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, BGP, and MPLS networks
  • Current security concerns related to IPv6 and how to protect your company's infrastructure from new IPv6 vulnerabilities
  • Plan and manage your migration strategy


Who Needs To Attend

  • Networking professionals who are migrating from an IPv4 to IPv6-based network environment and require a thorough understanding of how to implement IPv6
  • Professionals requiring the knowledge to implement both interior and exterior protocols for IPv6
  • IPv6 only and dual-stack methods of deploying IPv6 over an existing IPv4 backbone network using different tunneling and encapsulating technologies. MPLS and 6PE is discussed as a cost effective way to migrate any ISP for supporting IPv6 over their MPLS backbone.

Course Outline

Download Course Outline