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Social Media: My 'Friends' Wouldn't Scam Me

“We’re friends, right? My friends wouldn’t try to scam me.” In this video, James breaks down the various ways attackers can use a person’s friends list on social media to gain access to sensitive information.

The cyber myths debunked in this video:

  • Those I know through social media can't hurt me
  • I only visit common websites, so I'm safe
  • I can always spot a scam because they are obvious

My Password is Too Strong for Attackers

While having a strong password can help keep most bad actors out, it may not keep all out. In this video, James talks about the ways attackers may take advantage of the shortcomings of password authentication and how to avoid becoming a victim.

The cyber myths debunked in this video:

  • My password is too strong for an attack
  • I’m not important enough to attack

Cyber Attacks Only Come From Outside Sources

It’s hard to believe that attacks may come from internal sources; for some, it’s the last place they’d expect. But, unfortunately, attackers may be closer than you think. James covers a few examples of security incidents from internal sources and the ways to prevent them.

The cyber myths debunked in this video:

  • I can always spot or recognize an attacker or a breach
  • We've not been breached before, so our security plan is good enough for the future
  • I use security products, so I don't have anything to worry about