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Cybersecurity Is for Life, Not Just October

Everyone must remain cyber aware and take security seriously — not just IT professionals. Everyone.

Research shows the average cost of a data breach to organizations is at an all-time high at $4.24 million.1 From remote work to skills gaps, several factors can impact security and the severity of the threats that remain a persistent and formidable presence in daily life.

Join us this October to find helpful resources and participate in a host of events to train up, remain vigilant and stay secure.

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1. Data comes from IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach report.

Expert-Led Cybersecurity Events and Workshops

Register for webinars, virtual events and workshops to gain critical security skills and knowledge from experts in the field.


Cyber Experiential Learning:
Discover Learning Options and Compete in a Challenge for Prizes
October 27th at 12 PM EST


Cybersecurity Competition
Hacking Linux Machines
for Training
November 3rd at 11AM - 3PM EST

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Security Myths Debunked Every Week

James Michael Stewart, CISSP, debunks common security misconceptions and myths every week for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
Some “myths” might surprise you. 

Social Media: My 'Friends' Wouldn't Scam Me

My Password is Too Strong for Attackers

Cyber Attacks Only Come From Outside Sources

Learn to Keep Your Network Secure Using Nmap

Gain access to this lab and learn to use Nmap, an open-source port-scan tool, for networking discovery, vulnerability scanning and security risk detection. Included with the lab is a guide with exercises and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you get the most from the training. Click here for full lab and guide.

Resources to Improve Cybersecurity Everywhere, For Everyone

Find articles, white papers, and resources to remain aware of cybersecurity developments, best practices and schemes. For additional resources click here!


Top Cybersecurity Training from a World Leader

Our vast cybersecurity training portfolio can help you and your team build critical skills — from fundamental to advanced — and prepare for top industry-recognized certifications. Check out of top courses straight from our latest Top 15 paying certifications article 



For more information and courses click here

Why Cybersecurity Training Is So Important

Our research shows 26% of IT professionals believe their cybersecurity skills aren’t where they should be. Further, almost half of IT decision-makers struggle to find qualified talent for vital roles. GK Polaris, our unlimited training subscription, is here to fix that.

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