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Sean Dolan

Sean J. Dolan President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Barefoot

Christopher L. Barefoot Senior Director, Operations

Travis Brisbon

Travis L. Brisbon Director, Project Management Office

Dan Endres

Daniel J. Endres Vice President, U.S. Sales

Michael Fox

Michael K. Fox Global Vice President of Product Management

Lawrence Franco

Lawrence Franco President, Global Knowledge - Canada

Brian Holland

Brian G. Holland General Counsel and Secretary

Bob Kalainikas

Robert A. Kalainikas Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Robb Kaufmann

Robb Kaufmann Global Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Dave Knier

David D. Knier Vice President, Marketing

Kevin Pawsey

Kevin Pawsey Global Vice President of Digital Learning

Donna Peffley

Donna B. Peffley Vice President, Human Resources

Paul Renucci

Paul Renucci President, Global Knowledge - EMEA

Satish Shetty

Satish Shetty Global Chief Information Officer