Course Spotlight: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Master Class

Real-world challenges employ science to master the art of Azure architecting

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Master Class is an in-depth course designed to help you gain mastery-level understanding of how to architect an Azure solution. The immersive class accelerates skills retention by reinforcing lessons through real-world challenges and guided group exercises that are exclusive to Global Knowledge. To learn more, check out The Science behind the Global Knowledge Master Class.

Why did we develop this course?

The cloud isn’t going away anytime soon. Our subject matter experts know it’s one thing to use a cloud computing service but it’s another to implement and use it successfully. When we took a step back and realized that no in-depth, immersive instructor-led option was available to address the skills needed to architect an enterprise Azure solution, we sprang into action.

Because Azure is still relatively new and people are still embracing the evolving cloud landscape, we understand how critical practice and exposure can be. We took that factor into account when designing this course. Using a “learn by doing” approach, this course flips the traditional classroom dynamic. Instead of a traditional class with structured lectures followed by individually-based labs, our Azure subject matter experts take students through group-based design and hands-on exercises. The benefits and added value of the group dynamic resides in the promotion of collaboration of peers, which results in establishing optimal solutions and best practices.

Should you take this course?

If you’re an IT professional responsible for resource networking, load balancing, disaster recovery, high-performance computing, or active directory integration—among other tasks—in the Azure cloud environment or someone who must present enterprise solutions based on Azure technologies, this course is for you. IT professionals interested in learning how to make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions will also benefit from enrolling and completing the course. 

Before you sign up, you should be aware that this is not an introductory course. You must possess the skills to perform the following tasks with proficiency:

• Create and manage Azure Resource Manager virtual machines

• Design and implement a storage and data strategy

• Manage identity, application, and network services

• Create and implement Azure PaaS compute and web and mobile services

• Implement an Azure Active Directory

• Execute virtual networks

• Design and deploy ARM templates

What will you learn?

Successfully designing and implementing Azure solutions enables a company of any size to procure savings over a traditional on-premise implementation as well as gain access to additional resources and bandwidth to allow your business to scale.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

• Compose a Business Continuity Strategy

• Create scalable, highly available web and mobile apps

• Design complex networking and compute solutions

• Implement role-based access control, policy-based management, data security at rest and in motion, and authentication integration

• Integrate Azure networking and compute capabilities with on-premise data centers

• Manage a hybrid IT infrastructure using Azure tools

• Model application storage and data access strategy

Am I on my own after completing the course?

Not at all. We designed this course in-house and stand behind our work as the worldwide leader in IT training and learning services. After course completion, you have access to the following Global Knowledge exclusives:

• 12 months of 24/7 mentoring

• 12 months of access to class recordings

• 12 months of unlimited retakes

• Digital courseware

• 6 months of practice exams

Because this course is designed to prepare you for the Microsoft Specialist 70-534 exam, we’ve even included an exam voucher so you can pursue your certification. And since we know certifications sometimes need a second chance for exam day success, we include one free retake voucher just in case you need it. This exam is an elective that aligns to MCSA: Cloud Platform, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, and MCSD: App Builder.

How is this course structured?

Before you sign up, you should know this course runs from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for three days. During the day, course content addresses Azure Resource Management, secure resources and Azure Compute Infrastructure as well as the design of advanced applications and Azure web and mobile apps. The evening hours of the course are geared toward reinforcement of key concepts. To that end, you’ll solve unique and complex challenges that require you to be responsible for preparing, solving, designing, implementing, and presenting your solutions to your peers.

Who designed this course?

Mark Baugher and Tracy Wallace. 

Mark Baugher is a certified Microsoft trainer with more than 14 years of experience in the classroom. What makes Mark a successful trainer is his real-world experience as a proven solutions engineer and systems and cloud automation expert. He brings to the classroom his considerable experience in designing virtual data center infrastructure and optimizing systems management (both on-premises and in the cloud). He also has more than 12 years of experience in scripting with an emphasis on the use of tools such as Windows PowerShell to automate administration and deployments in enterprise environments that are running across both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. 

Tracy Wallace has been a full-time trainer for over twenty years—and has the Microsoft windbreaker to prove it. He has been teaching and building courses for Azure for the last several years but also dabbles in .NET, SharePoint, and SQL Server. When he is not trying to break things in Azure or teaching, Tracy enjoys hiking and attempting to play disc golf with his family. He is also working on a Raspberry Pi based robot army to take over the world, but that has mostly taught him that he probably isn’t motivated enough for world domination.

What delivery formats are available?

This course is currently available in Classroom Live, Virtual Classroom Live and Private Group Training formats. 



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