Is Your Training Meeting Your Needs?

Why do you attend training? I’m not talking about a quick visit to YouTube to watch a few minutes of video to get an answer to a specific question. I’m talking about real training with a real instructor. So I ask again, why do you attend training?

Preparing for a certification exam, satisfying job requirements and working with cutting-edge technologies are all great answers, but they are not the number one reason. According to tens of thousands of responses to our annual Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Survey, building new skills is the top reason that IT staff and decision-makers attend training—by a wide margin. 

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Is your training developing relevant skills? 

We asked our students that very question and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Ninety-seven percent of students indicated they use or will use the skills learned on the job. Even more impressive is the rate in which our students are putting their new skills to use. Ninety-three percent of our students are applying the skills learned to job-related tasks in four weeks or less!


How do we ensure our training is of the utmost quality? 

In addition to developing courses using the latest learning design methodologies, we partner with industry leaders like AWS, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware to ensure our portfolio is filled with training on cutting-edge technologies that are driving digital transformation within today’s organizations. But we don’t stop there. 

All our courses are taught by true industry experts—and we have the data to back it up. The average Global Knowledge instructor is a true subject matter expert, with over 27 years of IT experience, 19 years of teaching experience and 16 years of consulting experience. In fact, almost 70% of our subject matter experts are active IT consultants. That means they have practical experience using the technologies they teach and can supplement course materials with real-world examples.



Experience the Global Knowledge difference

Global Knowledge offers 3,200+ unique IT courses and trains over 300,000 students annually. When you are ready to build your skills or those of your team, give us a call or visit online. We’ll be here, ready to help.


Share your experiences with us

Is training meeting your needs? In the comment section below, let us know your experiences with training and how it has affected your on-the-job performance. 


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