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Which parameter would you change to cause the selection of a static route to act as a backup when a dynamic protocol is also being used?

A. Link bandwidth
B. Hop count
C. Link delay
D. Administrative distance
E. Link cost

The correct answer is D.

The administrative distance is the level of trustworthiness of a route source. The lower the value, the more trustworthy the source. Static routes have an administrative distance of either 0 or 1, depending on how they are formed. All dynamic routing protocols are higher. To make a routing protocol more attractive to the router, you need to raise the administrative distance of the static router to at least one higher than the protocol (EIGRP is 90, OSPF is 110, RIP is 120 and so on). The highest administrative distance that is usable is 254; 255 is considered to be untrustworthy and will not be used in the routing table.

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