Houston, We (Almost) Have Microsoft TechEd Lift-Off

TechEdHouston87602141Is it already time for Microsoft TechEd 2014? It seems like just yesterday when Bourbon Street was teaming with techies after absorbing all the great news from Redmond and enjoying the eats of New Orleans. We were regaled with stories and presentations on Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center and lots more. We lined up for our Microsoft Surfaces and played a bit of Ping-Pong while we waited. And yes, we caught up with the landslide of releases and news that had come from Microsoft over the previous six months—wow! So, what does Houston have in store for us this year?

Turns out, it’s not my imagination. TechEd 2014 is, in fact, coming upon us a bit earlier this year. It has moved up a month into May, but that didn’t seem to deter other Microsoft fanatics like me. The event is already sold out! I hope you’re at least on the waiting list!

While there will be only two major product releases this year (SQL Server and Lync Server 2014), Microsoft always has SOMEthing important to announce! I’m sure keynote speaker Brad Anderson (Corporate Vice President, Windows Server and System Center Programs) will kick off the event with some cool and important news for all of us Microsoft fans.

Of course, there’s always TechExpo! Global Knowledge will be at Booth #326 giving out our brand-new-for-2014 “Be a Force” T-shirt. It has a very cool graphic design by artist Tom Whalen and is a great addition to your Global Knowledge T-shirt collection! At the end of TechEd, we’re giving away an Xbox One, and if one of our spotters catches you wearing any of our T-shirts on the floor (Ignite, Power Up, or Be a Force) at anytime during the event, you could win a $25 AMEX gift card. So, lots of technology and lots of excitement—that’s pretty much par for the course at Microsoft TechEd!

Now if we can only find out who’s playing the TechEd closing party on Thursday, we’ll be all set.

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