Android Malware Much Better At Targeting Vulnerable Phones

Computer criminals are not just interested in targeting desktops and laptop computers. Today more and more malware is being designed for tablets and smart phones.  One case in point is the new strains of Android malware being used to spread spam and target banking information. Others make money by running up charges that are billed to smart phone users. One example is Trojan!MMarketPay. This particular piece of malware is reported to be installed on more than 100,000 phones and silently downloading paid apps and other content onto user phones.

These types of attacks point to the need for increased security of mobile devices. While anti-virus and anti-malware is a good start, it’s also up to the user to take a more proactive approach to blocking this threat. Several things that can be done include:

  • Be careful when clicking on links or visiting sites referenced to in emails and SMS text messages
  • Review the software vendors and publishers of applications before downloading them to your mobile device.
  • Understand the danger of sideloading and installing programs onto your device directly from an unknown website
  • Restrict application privileges
  • Backup your device and use a strong password to restrict physical access should your phone be lost or misplaced

Just by using these basic tips, you can reduce the threat of malware and better secure your digital assets.

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